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Pair red striped pants with a green argyle sweater? Sure thing. Put a navy houndstooth skirt on with a brown plaid jacket and purple polka dotted tie? Why not?

When someone’s outfit doesn’t really match on a typical day, it might be because there was a laundry incident or perhaps they got dressed in the dark. But when clothes don’t seem to go together on the fourth Thursday in January? That’s probably on purpose because it’s time to celebrate Clashing Clothes Day!

History of Clashing Clothes Day

Obviously, clothes have been around for thousands of years. Stories about the beginning of clothing usage range from biblical accounts of Adam and Eve covering themselves with leaves, to tales of cavemen wearing pelts made from fur, perhaps in the manner of Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

For much of human history, clothing has simply been used to address function and it wasn’t until a few centuries ago that fashion began to truly make an appearance. As colorful dyes were applied to clothing and patterns woven into fabrics, the ability to match – or clash – became an element of personal taste and popular trends.

Today, many people still like to put together clothes that follow fashion trends and look stylish. But, sometimes, on a silly day in the middle of some dark times, the idea came forth to think outside the box and dress in a way that completely clashes!

Clashing Clothes Day is here to make a mockery out of those people who would lower themselves to actually wear matching and coordinating clothes on this day. And to celebrate the freedom there is to wear absolutely whatever you want!

How to Celebrate Clashing Clothes Day

The fact that Clashing Clothes Day always takes place on a Thursday in January helps to inject some vibrancy and fun on what could be an otherwise boring and bleak winter day. Consider some of these ideas for celebrating this whimsical day:

Dress in Clashing Clothes

Certainly, Clashing Clothes Day can be one of the easiest to participate in. Simply grab those loud pink and green polka dots and pair them with that red and blue paisley print for an audacious and gregarious look. The more clashing, the better, so don’t be afraid to pair the look with a floral scarf and some obnoxiously colorful socks.

Hold a Clashing Clothes Day Contest

One delightful way to celebrate Clashing Clothes Day at work or at school is to host a competition to see who can come up with the most ridiculous clashing clothes in the group. Advertise in advance and give a little time for people to hit the thrift stores or grandma’s closet to find the pieces they need.

On the day, arrange for some unbiased judges to help score the clashing clothes outfits on the basis of different categories such as prints and patterns, clashing colors, or overall creativity. Then offer a little prize for the person who wins. It’s a fun and clashing day for all!

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