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Ever wish there was more than one day a year where you could take all the conventions of proper dress and throw them out the window? Wish no more! Wear Something Gaudy allows you to let all your best examples of excruciatingly bad taste hang out for the world to see.

History of Wear Something Gaudy Day

In the 1970’s the hit TV Comedy “Three’s Company” we were introduced to a character by the name of Larry Dallas. It was from this character that we first were told that Wear Something Gaudy Day was something to be celebrated, and were given a fantastic example of how. Ever since then, people have been celebrating Wear Something Gaudy day with a complete lack of style and fashion!

How to Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day

Obviously the best way is to choose something that is utterly without taste or fashion to wear, but that isn’t the only way. You can find your way to thrift stores to locate out of date fashions that are rarely seen out and about today, and put together an ensemble designed to shock and appal. Getting a group of friends together for a ‘Wear Something Gaudy Day’ shindig can bring a lot of fun to the day as well.

The point of Wear Something Gaudy day is to stand out, so choose brightly colored fabrics with intense patterns. Maybe you can haul down your grandmothers drapes for the day and be seen in a shocking paisley brocade, or dig up those purchases you made that you didn’t realize were awful until you got them home.

Wear Something Gaudy Day is your opportunity to show off the bright garishness that has passed through the annals of fashion history! Even throwing on a eye-searing boa can be a simple way to celebrate, or you can just wear colors that clash. Everyone has pieces in their wardrobe that just don’t go, so get in there and make peoples eyes waggle!

Check out old shows and cartoons to really find ways to bring out the gaudy in Wear Something Gaudy day. Check out the fashion accessories of yesteryear, like the ever awful ascot, to the large and ostentatious fashions of the victorian era, or go all out and rent a neon-yellow zoot suit to really bring attention to yourself. Don’t be shy, it’s all about standing out, causing a scene, and snubbing your nose at the rules of fashion!

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