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Why not live out a childhood dream and be a geologist for the day in celebration of Collect Rocks Day? If you’re the type of person who can’t resist picking up a pebble or two at the beach, or is always on the lookout for shiny minerals when they dig the garden, then this is a chance to make time for finding attractive stones and crystals. People of all ages can use Collect Rock Day as a chance to search for precious and beautiful rocks.

History of Collect Rocks Day

The study of rocks and earth, otherwise known as geology, has been around since at least the 4th century. In Ancient Greece, Aristotle made some important observations about geological changes and the work in the field of geology continued on from there. As the Romans needed certain rocks to build their empire, they became particularly adept at studying, mining and acquiring various types of rocks.

While some folks might simply overlook the importance of rocks, others have a keen eye and can see the unique ways that the planet expresses itself through different kinds of rocks! Collect Rocks Day was established to show honor and appreciation for this interesting activity of looking for, gathering and maintaining a collection of stones and rocks.

How to Celebrate Collect Rocks Day

Get into the groove of Collect Rocks Day by joining up with some friends and participating in some events and activities. Start with some of these ideas for celebrating the day:

Collect Rocks with School Kids

On Collect Rocks Day, school teachers may wish to combine rock collecting with some learning around different rock types and how they are formed. Perhaps it would be fun to head out to a park or forest area, or even just the backyard, for kids to search for unique and interesting rocks or stones that they can collect and learn more about. Teachers could encourage students to check out books from the library that are centered around the theme of geology and rock collecting.

Once the kids in the class have been outdoors and have collected their rocks, it might be great to build a lesson around the concepts of geology. And don’t forget to create a display so that the rock collection can be viewed by other classes or even the whole school!

Visit a Rock Museum

One way to show appreciation for Collect Rocks Day would be to visit a museum that houses a professional array of collected rocks. The United States offers a wide array of geology museums within a short distance of most cities and towns. Check out one of these geology museums in celebration of the day:

  • Rutgers Geology Museum located in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • University of Wisconsin Geology Museum in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Mines Museum of Earth Science in Golden, Colorado
  • Yavapai Geology Museum located in Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

Take a Rock Collecting Trip

For adults, Collect Rocks Day is the perfect opportunity for a trip to a fossil-filled beach in search of rocky treasures. Or why not experience something a little different and try panning for gold in a little stream or river? There could be an endless number of exciting possibilities for celebrating Collect Rocks Day in a memorable way for those who just want to get a bit creative with it!

Create a Collect Rocks Day Playlist

A superb way to celebrate any day is to be sure to have the correctly themed soundtrack to play in the background! Collect Rocks Day offers a wide array of songs that can be placed on a playlist through Spotify, Apple music or another platform and then played just for fun.

Try adding some of these rock themed songs to a playlist for the day:

  • Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions (1984)
  • We Will Rock You by Queen (1977)
  • Rock with You by Michael Jackson (1979)
  • Crocodile Rock by Elton John (1972)

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