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According to Planned Parenthood, the rates of sexually transmitted infections have been steadily increasing. This is becoming a significant problem in the United States. Every year, there are approximately 20 million reoccurring STIs in the U.S. And about half of those statistics come from young people ranging from ages 15-24.

Because many STIs cause no noticeable symptoms, many people don’t realize they have STIs. National Condom Week is about bringing awareness to the impact of STIs. It also shows how condoms can prevent that and unwanted pregnancies.

History of National Condom Week

Condoms have been around for hundreds of years ago and represent an effective method to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Over 200 years ago, for instance, condoms were made from a variety of materials. Ranging from lamb intestines to oiled silk paper. While the prevention of unwanted pregnancies faltered a bit with earlier condoms. The invention of latex in the 1920’s allowed for the condoms to be in the market for public use. This have an overall better reduction risk.

Thus, as one of the most effective ways for people to prevent STIs and pregnancy. National Condom Week is all about encouraging people to make their sex life safe, healthy, and pleasurable. By taking control of family planning and preventing STI’s.

First organized in 1978 by students at the University of California in Berkeley, National Condom Week has become a favorite Valentine’s Day event on college campuses worldwide.

As condom use has started to become more widely accepted in society, organizations such as Planned Parenthood host and support National Condom Week. Through a social networking campaigns, providing the latest research and information on the effectiveness of condoms and the importance of safe sex.

Other organizations, such as the National Coalition for STD Directors, have teamed up with Trojan™ Brand Condoms to create a campaign to provide shipments of over 35,000 condoms to various local organizations in the United States and the rest of the world.

How to Celebrate National Condom Week

One of the essential aspects of National Condom Week is not only the encouragement of condom use but practicing better communications with your partners. Talk about how to have safer sex, how using condoms is an excellent practice. Start making plans to buy condoms and help meet you and your partners’ needs reliably.

Head on to websites such as Planned Parenthood to learn more about condoms and the statistics on safer sex. If you support this cause, share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #CondomWeek. Let your friends and family know that condoms can help protect and make sex safer.

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