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Every June, the taste of summer is best captured by celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Month. This special month delights fans of this frosty treat with endless flavor possibilities and a lighter alternative to ice cream.

Packed with tasty options and probiotic benefits, frozen yogurt not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also offers a healthier choice for dessert lovers.

National Frozen Yogurt Month is celebrated to highlight this popular dessert’s unique blend of taste and health benefits.

It emphasizes the joy of enjoying frozen yogurt in various forms, from classic flavors like vanilla to exotic ones like taro.

The celebration is about indulging in frozen yogurt and appreciating its versatility and nutritional advantages, including lower calories and beneficial bacteria.

The excitement surrounding this month is evident as people try out new flavors, share their frozen yogurt mixes on social media, and support local businesses by visiting different yogurt shops.

Whether you create a DIY frozen yogurt bar at home or explore new toppings, National Frozen Yogurt Month is the perfect time to enjoy and experiment with this delightful treat.

History of National Frozen Yogurt Month

National Frozen Yogurt Month kicked off its sweet journey in the summer vibes of 1993. The mastermind behind this chilly celebration was none other than TCBY, a big name in the fro-yo world.

They decided that June, with its sunny days and cool nights, was the perfect time to honor this frosty treat. And so, a new tradition was born, making June the coolest month to enjoy a cup or cone of your favorite frozen yogurt​​.

Frozen yogurt started to make waves in the 1970s. Initially dubbed “frogurt,” it was seen as a hip, healthier sibling to traditional ice cream.

As the taste and recipes evolved, so did its popularity. By the time the 1980s rolled around, shops like TCBY were popping up everywhere, turning frozen yogurt into a nationwide sensation​​.

The magic of National Frozen Yogurt Month lies not just in celebrating the treat but also in embracing its variety.

From tangy to sweet and from plain to piled-high with toppings, there’s a fro-yo out there for everyone.

Whether you scoop it up at a shop or whip it up in your kitchen, June is the time to dive into the delicious world of frozen yogurt and maybe even discover your new favorite flavor!

How to Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Month

Fro-Yo Tour Time

Start the month by mapping out all the local frozen yogurt shops and plan to hit a new one each week. It’s a tasty adventure that supports local businesses and tickles the taste buds with every new stop.

Mix Master at Home

Why not turn your kitchen into a fro-yo lab? Grab some yogurt, toss in your favorite fruits or candies, and freeze. Each batch could be your new favorite creation!

Fro-Yo Flavor Challenge

Challenge yourself and your friends to try the wackiest flavors you can find. Ever heard of avocado or pumpkin pie frozen yogurt? Now’s your chance to explore the wild side of fro-yo!

Social Swirl

Share the love—of frozen yogurt that is! Snap a pic of every fro-yo you enjoy and post it online. Use hashtags like #FroYoMonth or #FroYoFrenzy to connect with fellow fro-yo aficionados.

Throw a Fro-Yo Fiesta

Invite friends or family over for a fro-yo party. Ask each guest to bring a different topping. Then, mix and match for some frosty fun that’s sure to be a hit.

Each of these ideas adds a little extra sweetness to National Frozen Yogurt Month, making it a celebration to remember!

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