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Due to its nutritional value and availability, milk has been a favorite beverage for American families for many generations. National Dairy Month promotes, encourages and celebrates the relationship that dairy farmers have with the individuals, businesses, schools and families in their communities while acting as a reminder to bring all dairy products to the forefront.

History of National Dairy Month

Originally called National Milk Month, this is one of those events that may seem new but actually dates back many decades. In fact, the original celebration took place all the way back in 1937 when it was sponsored by local grocer organizations. The hope of the organizers behind the event was to make milk every family’s drink of choice, especially during the warm months of the summer. Later, when the National Dairy Council stepped in, the name was changed to National Dairy Month.

This annual event is now also sponsored in collaboration with the Dairy Alliance, which provides access to information about different events, activities and resources that can help make the celebration of National Dairy Month even more special.

How to Celebrate National Dairy Month

Got milk? If not, then go out and get some, because it’s time to celebrate National Dairy Month with some of these fun ideas and activities:

Visit a Dairy Farm

Parents and teachers can take advantage of the theme of National Dairy Month to take an educational and fun visit or field trip to a local dairy farm. The kids can learn all about the animals as well as the machinery the farm uses to make it more efficient. Perhaps they will even get a chance to try their hand at milking a cow! This event could be a fun way to teach kids about topics related to animal health, farming, business, nutrition and much more.

Learn Fun Facts for National Dairy Month 

Show how much you know by learning some fun facts about the topic and then sharing them online to raise awareness for National Dairy Month. Get started with some fun facts like these:

  • Eating cheese approximately 30 minutes before bedtime can help a person get better sleep

  • Ancient cheese strainers have been found in Poland that date back to at least 7500 years ago

  • Each day, an individual dairy cow will produce approximately 6.3 gallons of milk

  • The most popular cheese throughout the world is mozzarella, followed closely by cheddar, feta, ricotta and then parmesan

Enjoy Some Dairy Products at Home

For adults, maybe it’s been a long time since just pouring a tall glass of cold milk and drinking it up. National Dairy Month is just the right time to enjoy some different dairy products including ice cream, cheese, yogurt and many other delicious foods. Get creative with recipes or do a fun project with the kids, like learning how to make ice cream at home.

Get involved with some other events that take place throughout the year related to National Dairy Month, including World Milk Day on June 1, National Chocolate Milk Day in late September and National Cheese Day on June 4.  

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