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How to celebrate Dec 7th

How about starting your day with a cozy coat and toy donation for kids in need? Show some love and help out the community before diving into the rest of the day. After spreading some cheer, celebrate creativity with some good old-fashioned letter writing. Drop a note to a friend or family member and brighten their day.

Next up, honor historical inventions with a Chester Greenwood Day twist. Wear ear warmers all day to channel the spirit of innovation. Keep up the festive mood by exploring the wonders of Illinois cuisine. Whip up a local dish or treat yourself to a meal inspired by the Land of Lincoln.

If you’re feeling adventurous, indulge in a bit of aviation knowledge on International Civil Aviation Day. Watch a documentary about the history of flight or visit a local aviation museum. Keep an eye on the sky and participate in SKYWARN™ Recognition Day. Learn about weather spotting and get involved in your community’s safety.

To add a bit of fun, celebrate Crate Day by organizing a potluck with friends. Encourage everyone to bring a dish using only ingredients they have in their pantry. Embrace your inner mixologist with National Rhubarb Vodka Day. Experiment with rhubarb-infused cocktails and cheers to your newfound bartending skills.

Take a moment to relax and unwind with Candle Day. Light up some scented candles and create a cozy atmosphere at home. Reflect on history and honor the heroes of the past on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Watch a documentary or read a book about this significant event.

For some outdoor excitement, join Global Fat Bike Day. Dust off your bike and hit the trails for a thrilling adventure. Treat your sweet tooth on National Cotton Candy Day. Indulge in this classic carnival treat and savor the sugary goodness.

End the day on a playful note with National Slime Day. Get crafty with DIY slime recipes and enjoy a sensory-filled experience. Embrace the spirit of these unique holidays and make the most of each celebration.

It's also…

International Civil Aviation Day

The realm of flight, where the sky becomes a canvas for human ingenuity and exploration, offers a thrilling journey beyond the ground.

Candle Day

Candles offer more than just light — fill your home with sweet scents and transform any space into a warm oasis.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

A solemn remembrance of a pivotal historical event that forged resilience and unity in the face of adversity, inspiring generations.

Global Fat Bike Day

Experience winter cycling like never before with extra wide fat bikes, providing ultimate stability on snow, sand, and mud.

National Cotton Candy Day

Head over to your local funfair for an airy, spun-sugar treat or whip up creative cakes and cocktails like cotton candy cupcakes and fairy floss martinis.

National Slime Day

Gooey fun offering endless sensory play, creativity, and stress relief, captivating both kids and adults with its fascinating textures.


Diet Resolution Week

Exploring vibrant, nutrient-rich choices to fuel vitality and well-being, embracing a refreshed approach to nourishment.


A Blue Christmas

While most of us are at home opening presents, emergency workers are on duty, ensuring the safety of their communities over the holidays.

is part of…

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Supporting bowel cancer research through facial hair growth, spreading awareness, and fostering solidarity in the community.

Gift Of Sight Month

Our eyes are the windows to the world, and it's essential to cherish them. Protecting your sight is a gift for life.

Operation Santa Paws

Helping furry friends in need, giving a paw up to shelters, and being a voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Ensuring that your favorite eateries follow top-notch protocols behind the scenes for everyone's well-being and satisfaction.

National Write A Business Plan Month

Mapping out a roadmap for a venture, sketching the blueprint that transforms innovative ideas into thriving businesses, step by step.

National Tie Month

Spicing up outfits with those sleek, fabric accessories that effortlessly add a dash of personality and professionalism.

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