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Every May 16th
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You know you’ve always wanted to, to grasp a piece of charcoal and strike your creativity out across the world in a million shades of grey. To pick up a pencil and create the world in your head on the page in front of you, maybe its crayons that’s your thing. Whatever your medium, Drawing Day is dedicated to the artist inside of us and encouraging it to come out, and then letting it flourish every day of the year to follow!

History of Drawing Day

Drawing day is there to remind us of the time when we were too tied up in the amazing and beautiful things that came out of our imagination and onto the page to be self-conscious about them. We weren’t worried about how good we were or weren’t, we just knew that it was time to take our inner worlds and bring them out in glorious color. Some of us were amazing, to begin with, some of us got there drawing after painful drawing, and some of us let the artist within us die out under a wave of “not being good enough.”

Drawing Day reminds you that everything inside you is worthwhile and worthy to be shared with the world. It’s also there to bring much-needed appreciation and awareness to illustrators and artists. Anywhere you see a picture, from a business card to a beautiful mural on a painting, to every birthday card you’ve ever bought, an artist was designed in making it. The best way we can thank these intrepid creative souls is by picking up the pencil and making some noise for the lost and forgotten artists of the world. And maybe find a few more in the process.

How to celebrate Drawing Day

Drawingday.org is the originator of this amazing holiday, and you can go there to find ways to help celebrate this amazing holiday. Each year they aspire to create a million drawings worldwide to help raise awareness for artists and illustrators. If you want to help in their efforts, then all you have to do is draw something and share it with the world, or you can go all out and organize a Drawing Day event at your local school, or even your workplace! Sit down and draw with your children, encourage them to keep working on art and creativity and bringing out their inner self onto the page.