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Perhaps one of the more interesting and yet lesser-known holidays is an event that is affectionately known as Find a Rainbow Day. As the reader may have already guessed, this celebration occurs during the month of April each year –after all, the early spring is known for its fair share of these beautifully stunning phenomena of refracted light!.

Of course, finding a rainbow is not as easy as it may sound but, if a person is lucky enough to find themselves outside just after a rainstorm in early April, it may just be possible to catch a quick glimpse and even take a snapshot of one of these wonderful natural events. With some extra luck, it may even be possible to spot a double rainbow!

So, in this case, it appears that there are indeed times when a bit of rain is not necessarily a bad thing!

History of Find a Rainbow Day

The science behind rainbows was recorded in 1693. This is when scientists realized that rainbows are caused by light from the sun bending in such a way from the raindrops that it causes a rainbow.

Throughout human history, rainbows have often been a sign of hope and wellness. And, of course, many people know the legend that if one is ever able to find the bottom of the rainbow, they might also find a leprechaun’s pot of gold waiting for them! This legend originates from Ireland and stories of leprechauns have been around since as far back as the 8th century.

While finding the bottom of a rainbow might not actually be possible in terms of science, it’s still a fun legend and story for kids, as well as adults who are kids-at-heart. And a great way to celebrate Find a Rainbow Day!

How to Celebrate Find a Rainbow Day

Quite a few ways to celebrate Find a Rainbow Day can be imagined. It might be fun to grab some friends and try to find a rainbow, although this activity may be dependent on the weather. While rain isn’t usually the kind of weather people prefer, when it comes to Find a Rainbow Day, it sure is!

Host a Rainbow Themed Party

Have some friends over to make rainbow crafts and treats, or decorate the house with all things rainbow-like. Don’t forget to serve rainbow-themed foods. If baking rainbow foods at home isn’t appealing, then colorful candy-like M&M’s or Skittles can be a great snack. On the healthier side, a rainbow-colored tray of fruits and veggies can be a simple, tasty treat that guests will love.

To make a rainbow-themed party even better, have every friend dress in clothes of a different color of the rainbow. Then, line up in color order and take an instant photo that everyone can use to remember the party with!

Make a Rainbow Treat in the Kitchen 

Many people enjoy cooking colorful foods on this day; treats such as jello and cookies might be some of the most common items.

When it comes to rainbows and baking, food coloring can be a great friend. When baking foods like cookies or cakes, food coloring is the easiest way to bring bright, rainbow colors to the baked dessert.

Some other options for making rainbow-themed foods come from more natural ways to color baked goods. Many powdered forms of fruits or vegetables can be purchased at health food stores (like powdered carrot for orange, or strawberry for pink). However, unlike using commercial food coloring, it is important to note that these types of coloring can change the flavor slightly.

Make Projects with Rainbows

Making crafts related to rainbows can be simple or complicated, depending on the type of project chosen. Use some colored paper to cut out and glue together the pieces of a rainbow. Or grab some colored markers to draw fun and easy rainbows on white paper.

Stained glass window kits can be purchased at craft stores for making a rainbow to hang in the sunshine. Or, for those who are really invested in the day, knitting or crocheting a rainbow scarf or socks with many colors of yarn can also be a clever way to bring rainbows into the day!

Watch Reading Rainbow 

A classic show for children of the 80’s and 90’s, Reading Rainbow aired new shows on public television in the United States from 1983 until 1999. Plus, the old episodes were then shown as reruns for another ten years. Now, they can easily be located through various sources online.

This show, hosted by LeVar Burton, was meant to encourage children to read. Every episode focused on a specific topic from a chosen children’s book for that episode, and also recommended new books for children to check out from the library. For some people, watching old episodes of the Reading Rainbow might be a fun activity to bring some nostalgia and, for rainbow lovers, it could be a cool way to see what their parents may have watched when they were children!

Look for Four Leaf Clovers 

Finding the end of a rainbow might not be possible and, even if it was, there’s no way to keep it as a souvenir! But finding a four-leaf clover might be a bit more feasible. It can be a fun little souvenir denoting the search for rainbows, and might even bring some good luck. At the very least, it will provide memories of rainbow-hunting on Find a Rainbow Day.

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