There’s something about the powerful, rich, down south flavor of chili that just makes me drool. It speaks of cold winter nights and hot summer barbecue’s alike, and there’s nothing like a big bowl of chili topped with cheese and onions to make you feel completely content with life. Unless, of course, you go the extra yard and make yourself that ultimate in outdoor eating delight, the chili dog. A Soft, flavorful bun dusted in corn meal, filled with a high-quality frankfurter smoked to perfection, with that delicious blend of beans, meat, and seasonings that is chili smothering it all… Oof. That’s some delicious eating right there.

Chili Dog Day: The Chili Dog Lovers Holiday

This is what makes Chili Dog Day my favorite holiday of the year. There are celebrations of this event everywhere, with people preparing the absolute best in Chili Dogs that the world can offer. You think that can of Hormel chili covering your Bar S hot dogs is a treat? You just wait until you hit one of the hundreds of festival all over the world that celebrates this ultimate in food concoctions. There you’ll find not prepackaged hot dogs coated in canned chili, you’ll find intrepid culinary experts taking this meal to the next level.

How do you Improve on A Chili Dog?

I know, it’s hard to fathom, isn’t it? But when you drop into one of the festivals surrounding the chili dog, you’ll find out that there’s a whole new world of delight out there for your taste buds. True connoisseurs go the extra mile by preparing their own home-made hot dogs with a custom blend of meats and seasoning and held in authentic lamb-intestine sausage casings. These hot dogs come in a broad range of flavors, including stuffed with cheese, rich jalapeno for those who like a little fire, even hot dog blends with bacon inside.

If that wasn’t making your mouth water already, home-baked hot dog buns made with secret recipes alongside chili recipes in every variety you can imagine. Chili con Carne? You better believe it, with all the kinds of meat you can think of. Sweet Chilies? You betcha. Hot Chilies? You got it. For those who live the small sad life of the vegan or vegetarian, there are even fake hot dogs with meatless chili. But we don’t talk about them, we just pat them on the head and go about our life eating real, down-home, animal based Chili Dogs on Chili Dog Day.

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