Father-in-Law Day is a wonderful occasion for you to strengthen your relationship and to spend quality time with your father-in-law, because let’s face it, he won’t be around forever. This is your opportunity to break through your father-in-law’s tough exterior. Chances are he might be a bit grumpy, intimidating or quite scary sometimes, and who wouldn’t be if they had to put up with your mother-in-law all day, right?

Seeing as Father-in-Law Day was created by card companies, you could take the easy road and just send him a lovely card to show how much he is appreciated when he’s away, but a better way to show how much you care and love him is to organise a family event like a BBQ, a walk in the park with the grandchildren, or depending on his hobbies and passions, a special night out.

Father-in-Law Day is much more than a family obligation, it is a day when you can show just how much you care, bond with your father-in-law, and tell him how right he was to push his son into marrying you.

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