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Show some love to the father of your spouse on this important day! National Father-in-Law Day is a wonderful occasion for a person to strengthen their relationship and to spend some quality time with their father-in-law, because let’s face it, he won’t be around forever. 

History of National Father-in-Law Day

National Father-in-Law Day acts as an ideal opportunity for those who might need to break through their father-in-law’s tough exterior and build up trust.

This type of relationship building could be especially true for those who have a father-in-law who might be a bit grumpy, intimidating or possibly even a little scary sometimes, (and who wouldn’t be if they had to put up with your mother-in-law all day, right? Just kidding! She’s great and she has her own day too.) 

National Father-in-Law Day is much more than a family obligation, it is a day when people are encouraged to show just how much they care, bond with their father-in-law, and tell him how right he was to push his kid into marrying you!

How to Celebrate National Father-in-Law Day

Have a heck of a time showering appreciation on the dad of your spouse in celebration of National Father-in-Law Day. Here are some ideas to get started with enjoying the day:

Send a Card to Your Father-in-Law

Seeing as National Father-in-Law Day was created by card companies, some people might want to take the easy road and just send him a lovely card to show how much he is appreciated when he’s away. Choose a card from the drugstore with the perfect sentiment or, even better, make a homemade card with words from the heart.

Not sure what to say in a card to your father-in-law? One way to start is simply to thank him for being a father to his child, who is now an amazing spouse to you!

Host a Family Event for National Father-in-Law Day

For those folks who want to get a bit more creative to show how much you care and love a father-in-law, it might be fun to host a little party in his honor. Organize a family event like a backyard BBQ, a walk in the park with the grandchildren, or a special night out. Since in many places around the world the weather will be warm and sunny, National Father-in-Law Day is situated at the perfect time to engage in some of his favorite outdoor activities like a game of golf, a swim at the beach or a picnic at the park where everyone brings a musical instrument. Do what he loves on this day!

Take Note of Some Famous Fathers-in-Law

In celebration of National Father-in-Law Day, take a little time to learn about and give a nod to these famous fathers-in-law that may have slipped through the cracks.

  • Arthur Miller, father-in-law to Daniel Day Lewis. The famous American playwright is known for plays like Death of Salesman and The Crucible as well as for being married to Marilyn Monroe. The Oscar-winning actor, Daniel Day Lewis, who starred in a film of The Crucible in 1996, married Arthur Miller’s daughter, Rebecca, that same year. In fact, the couple met at a screening of the film.
  • Ted Danson, step-father-in-law of Lily Collins. As if being the daughter of rocker Phil Collins isn’t enough, actress Lily Collins is married to Charlie McDowell, son of Mary Steenburgen, who is now married to Ted Danson. Whew! That’s quite a Christmas dinner!
  • Kirk Douglas, father-in-law to Catherine Zeta Jones. The people of Hollywood all seem to be interconnected and Catherine’s marriage to Michael Douglas makes her the daughter-in-law to decades-long famous actor, Kirk Douglas.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, father-in-law to Chris Pratt. The actor, Chris Pratt, who got his start on Parks and Rec before becoming a huge Hollywood star, allegedly met Catherine Schwarzenegger at church and the two were married in 2019. With a father-in-law who is famous for his body-building activities and for being the Terminator (plus his political connections), it might be especially important for Pratt to treat his wife exceptionally well!

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