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June in Georgia is not just about warm weather—it’s also the prime time to celebrate one of the state’s juiciest gems.

Georgia Blueberry Month is observed throughout June, a period when blueberries are at their peak, making it the perfect moment for blueberry lovers to indulge in these sweet and nutritious fruits.

Georgia is one of the top five blueberry-producing states in the United States. This recognition highlights the importance of blueberries to the local agriculture and economy.

During this month, residents and visitors alike are encouraged to try fresh blueberries. These delicious berries are also packed with health benefits like antioxidants and fiber, making them a great choice for a healthy snack.

The celebration of Georgia Blueberry Month emphasizes the state’s pride in its agricultural prowess and promotes local produce.

By engaging in activities such as blueberry picking and trying new recipes featuring blueberries, people enjoy the fruits and support local farmers and the economy.

This month serves as a great opportunity to appreciate the efforts of those who cultivate these beloved berries.

History of ​Georgia Blueberry Month

Georgia Blueberry Month celebrates the importance of blueberries in the state’s agriculture. Starting in the early 1970s, farmers in Bacon County, with support from local educational institutions, began cultivating different varieties of blueberries.

Over the years, this endeavor expanded significantly, making blueberries a key agricultural product in Georgia. The area’s favorable conditions, such as its sandy, acidic soil and mild winters, played a crucial role in this development​.

To honor this thriving industry, the state of Georgia designated June as Georgia Blueberry Month. This not only highlights the peak blueberry season but also encourages people to appreciate and support local farmers by enjoying these nutritious berries.

The month is marked with various activities, such as festivals that include blueberry picking, cooking contests, and other community events that emphasize the economic and health benefits of blueberries.

The initiative has helped promote Georgia’s blueberries as a healthier alternative to traditional crops like tobacco, enhancing both the state’s economy and the health of its residents.

Today, blueberries are the most widely produced fruit in Georgia, reflecting the success of the industry and the ongoing efforts to boost local agriculture.​

How to Celebrate Georgia Blueberry Month

Picking Party

Nothing screams summer like blueberry picking in Georgia’s sunny fields. Grab a pail and head to your nearest farm to pick these juicy gems. You’ll not only have fun but also bring home a delicious bounty.

Berry Bash

Throw a blueberry-themed party! Invite friends over and prepare dishes starring blueberries. From salads to desserts, let this superfruit shine on your menu.

Tour Time

Explore blueberry farms with a guided tour. Many farms offer a behind-the-scenes look at how blueberries go from bush to basket. It’s educational and fun for all ages!

Recipe Rodeo

Challenge yourself to try new blueberry recipes. Whether it’s jams, smoothies, or savory sauces, get creative in the kitchen with Georgia’s finest fruit.

Sweet Support

Support local by buying Georgia-grown blueberries at your local farmer’s market. You’ll enjoy the freshest produce while helping local farmers thrive.

Arts and Crafts

Get crafty with blueberry-themed art. Kids can paint with blueberry juice or make fruit stamp art. It’s a fun way to engage little ones in the celebrations.

Fitness Fun

Join a “Blueberry Dash” or any local 5K that celebrates the fruit. It’s a great way to stay active and indulge guilt-free in some blueberry treats at the finish line!

These activities blend fun, flavor, and local flair, perfect for celebrating Georgia Blueberry Month with a twist.​

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