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2nd Mar each year

A banana cream pie fulfills a lot of needs, all in one go. It’s sweet, sticky, crunchy and soft, all at the same time. It’s thought that Elvis was a big fan of this pudding, which is justification enough to have Banana Cream Pie Day.

Although cream puddings have been around for centuries, banana cream pie is a relatively recent invention. Traditionally, these pies are made with a layer of crushed graham crackers or digestive biscuits topped with sliced bananas and a custard filling. Some people prefer to put the bananas on the top, and others like to caramelise them before adding them to the pie for an extra hit of luxury.

This pie can be simple or complicated, according to the family recipe, but the perfect banana cream pie has to be finished off with whipped cream and then crushed pecans or pistachio nuts. Yum!

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