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The world has become a crazy, busy place for most people, keeping a fast pace and barely slowing down enough to enjoy the beauty of nature. Global Sleep Under the Stars Night is here to encourage people all over the world to get outside and take advantage of the many benefits that nature has to offer. 

History of Global Sleep Under the Stars Night

The inaugural Global Sleep Under the Stars Night was celebrated in 2020, organized in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the outdoor gear and clothing company, Eddie Bauer. This business has been inspiring people to live their lives with adventures for more than a century, and Global Sleep Under the Stars Night offers an ideal opportunity for people to enjoy and appreciate incredible beauty, all under the same night sky.

How to Celebrate Global Sleep Under the Stars Night

Engage with the great outdoors and have so much fun by celebrating Global Sleep Under the Stars Night with family, friends and more. Check out some of these ideas for enjoying this day:

Sleep Under the Stars

Of course, the ideal way to participate in Global Sleep Under the Stars Night is to grab some gear, get out of town or away from the city lights, and enjoy a night of outdoor sleeping. If the weather is right, perhaps it would be fun to plan a weekend or week-long camping trip around this event. But no matter what, be sure that the sleeping bags, camping pillows or even hammocks are ready for the whole family to enjoy this special time!

Check Out a Dark Sky Park

Those who live in the United States have access to dozens of different sites throughout the country which are listed as Dark Sky parks or sites. More than 60 of these sites have been specially designated because the National Park Service has worked hard to protect these spaces from light pollution. From Joshua Tree National Park in California to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, these are some of the best places to celebrate Global Sleep Under the Stars Night! Check out a full list at the National Parks Conservation Association website.  

Pick Up Some New Camping Gear

Those who haven’t been avid campers or outdoor sleepers in the past might be interested in learning more about and gathering up some camping gear to celebrate Global Sleep Under the Stars Night. Consider the benefits of a sleeping bag that is down or synthetic, lightweight for backpacking or mummy style. Those who want to sleep off the ground might find it most comfortable to invest in a hammock from which to spend the night gazing at the stars.

Other Days of the Year that offer similar vibes for celebrating the outdoors and nature all throughout the calendar year include National Hammock Day in late July, National Camp Day in November, or National Great Outdoors Month in June.    

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