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Golden Globe Awards night takes you onstage to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. This prestigious event is held every year to honor the exceptional talent and creativity that define the entertainment industry, both movies and television.

It’s an evening full of hyperbolic speeches, tears, and drama. What’s not to love about the Golden Globes?

History of the Golden Globe Awards

The story of the Golden Globe Awards begins in the early 1940s with a group of Los Angeles-based foreign journalists. These journalists, keen on promoting cinema beyond the U.S. borders, formed the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association in 1943. Their vision was to create an awards ceremony that could compete with the already established Academy Awards. But their awards would have a unique twist: they would honor both American and international cinematic achievements.

The first Golden Globe Awards ceremony occurred in January 1944 at the 20th Century Fox Studios. Unlike the grand pageant we expect of the event today, the first ceremony was a relatively modest affair. Those first Golden Globe winners received award scrolls instead of the now-famous statuette. The iconic golden globe encircled by a film strip, which we recognize today, was introduced in 1945, thanks to the creative vision of Marina Cisternas, who was the association’s then-president.

Over the years, the Golden Globes evolved, adding television categories to its roster in 1956. The TV categories further cemented the awards’ significance in the entertainment industry. The ceremony underwent transformations, moving from different venues, introducing ‘Miss Golden Globe’ (later renamed ‘Golden Globe Ambassador’) in 1963, and eventually being broadcast globally to 167 countries.

Despite facing challenges like allegations of voter fraud and awards-for-attendance, the Golden Globes have managed to captivate audiences worldwide. The ceremony has consistently ranked as one of television’s most-watched events, year after year. That is evidence of this award show’s timeless worldwide appeal.

How to Celebrate the Golden Globe Awards

Celebrating the Golden Globe Awards can be as dazzling and entertaining as the ceremony. Here are some tips for bringing the magic of this glamorous Hollywood event into your home:

Host a Red-Carpet Viewing Party

Roll out the red carpet, literally! Invite friends over for a Golden Globe Awards viewing party. Dress up as if you’re attending the ceremony. Go glamorous with evening gowns, tuxedos, and perhaps a faux golden globe. Don’t forget to snap some paparazzi-worthy photos with your phone! Hire a professional photographer if you want to go way over the top.

Golden Globe Awards Bingo Night

Create bingo cards with common occurrences at the awards, like “winner tears up during acceptance speech,” “camera pans to a celebrity not paying attention,” or “mention of a social cause.” It adds an interactive and humorous element to the viewing experience. Players can yell “Globes,” or “Starlets” instead of Bingo when they fill their boards. That should keep things incredibly lively.

Culinary Delights Inspired by the Stars

Serve your party guests dishes named after nominated films or television shows. How about a ‘Mare of Easttown Mule’ cocktail or ‘The Crown Crumpets’? Love to bake? Serve some star-shaped cookies dusted with golden sugar. Get creative and have fun with it!

Predict the Winners

Before the ceremony starts, have everyone write their predictions for the winners. Gamify it by offering an award for the guest with the most correct guesses – maybe a mini golden globe or a year of bragging rights.

Golden Globe Awards Trivia

Challenge your guests to Golden Globe Awards trivia during the famously long commercial breaks. Questions can range from historical facts about the awards to details about this year’s nominees. Give our gold-toned trinkets to the winners of each round.

Play Fashion Police

Have a segment at your party where you discuss the best and worst dressed of the evening. It’s like having your own version of the red carpet-commentary! Plus, you can even award your own ‘Golden Hanger’ trophies for the top fashion hits and misses among your guests, adding an extra layer of fun and participation.

Social Media Interaction

Engage with other fans on social media. Share your party photos, predictions, and reactions to the awards live. Use the event’s hashtag #GoldenGlobes to find others interested in the conversation. This digital engagement not only amplifies the excitement but also connects you with a wider community of movie and TV enthusiasts, making your celebration part of a global fanfare.

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