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Do you know what day it are? Your shore to be surprised when you figure it out, though u may be sad when you saw it. its not bad grammar day, its just Grammar Day! Alright, that’s just about enough of that! Grammar Day was established to promote awareness and understanding of proper grammar, and perhaps just another chance to smack those people who can’t seem to compose a decent sentence right upside the head for being daft. Whether you’re new to reading and writing, or an established user of the written word, the importance of Grammar cannot be understated, especially on Grammar Day!

History of Grammar Day

Martha Brockenbrough had had enough. She had seen the word abused and abased and simply wouldn’t stand for another instance of the poor innocent language being treated poorly in her presence. Not on her watch! So it was that Martha decided that all good verbs, adverbs, nouns, and adjectives deserved a day when people stood up for their rights and refused to allow them to be abused. No more would apostrophes be lost, forgotten, or misplaced. No more would we find commas left out and proper nouns in lower case; those days were in the past, and thus she wrote “Things that makes us [sic]” to help spread the word about poor grammar.

Grammar is a vital part of communication, as the inclusion or exclusion of certain grammatical elements can completely change the meaning of a sentence. What do you do when you see signs marked with a “Harsh Brown Potato” breakfast? Or grocer signs that announce that you can get your “Glutten Free” foods here? How about the time KEYE TV in Texas proclaimed “Department of Criminal Justice: What their doing to fix it”? Really, no matter where you go or what you do for a living, grammatical errors are a problem that we all need to be aware of.

Celebrating Grammar Day

Straight forward and simple, all you have to do to celebrate Grammar Day is take a little extra effort in making your sentences grammatically correct. Brush up on your lessons from primary school and double check your sentences to ensure that the message you mean to send is in fact the message you’re sending. Those you’re communicating with will appreciate it, and those of us who grind our teeth anytime we see grammar improperly used will have one less reason to see the dentist.