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Who knew it would be possible to show some love and appreciation for an incredible sauce and an incredible musician all on the same day? Well, most Australians knew because that’s what celebrating Gravy Day is all about! 

History of Gravy Day

Just four days before the celebration of Christmas, many Australians are busy enjoying another sort of day that has gained a rather popular following over the years. Commemorating the somewhat sad-but-beloved Christmas song by Paul Kelly, How to Make Gravy, this event takes place on the day mentioned in the song, December 21. 

Those who aren’t as aware of Australian music might have missed this 1996 folk release, but the song tells the story of a recently incarcerated man, Joe, who is lamenting the fact that he’ll be missing Christmas with his family. Since Joe is the one who usually makes the gravy for the holiday meal, he passes on the recipe in the song. As it turns out, the recipe for the gravy – including flour, salt, red wine and tomato sauce – is a real recipe that the songwriter had gleaned from his first father-in-law.

Gravy Day pays heed to this bittersweet song and the Australian tradition that has gone along with it for more than a quarter of a century!

How to Celebrate Gravy Day

Australians and people from all over the world can get involved in Gravy Day festivities by celebrating with some of these ideas:

Make Some Gravy

Sure, it’s a bit early for Christmas, but perhaps Gravy Day is just the time to make, or at least prepare to make, the gravy for the big holiday meal. Gather the important ingredients included in Kelly’s song, or choose another recipe from a family member or friend.

Play and Sing Paul Kelly Songs

Spend Gravy Day in a festive manner by singing a range of different folk, rock and country music songs by one of Australia’s most well-known singer-songwriters, Paul Kelly. With twenty-eight studio albums, six live albums and still more compilations and video albums, there will be no shortage of opportunities to build a soundtrack in celebration of Gravy Day!

Start a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or another favorite platform and begin with some of these songs, one from each decade of Kelly’s career:

  • Before Too Long (1986)
  • Careless (1992)
  • Sure Got Me (2004)
  • Finally Something Good (2017)

Tell Some Gravy-Themed Jokes

Enjoy some fun and silliness on Gravy Day by sharing a few lighthearted jokes that have to do with the topic of the day: gravy! Who knew that gravy could bring such a laugh? Get the kids involved to make it even more fun and consider some of these jokes to get started with: 

  • Why do I love gravy so much? It’s my main sauce of affection!
  • What did the gravy say to the mashed potatoes? You are a-peeling!
  • How do mashed potatoes travel? They take the gravy train.
  • What did the gravy say about the angry potatoes? Taters gonna tate.

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