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Food days, especially days that spotlight desserts, are a favorite reason that people love to celebrate. And Great American Pie Month is certainly no different – except that it lasts much longer than just a day. Whether a person loves fruity pies or creamy ones, sweet or something a bit more savory, there is room during this month for all of this – and so much more as well! 

History of Great American Pie Month

Great American Pie Month has been around for a few decades, getting its start in 1990 with the help of the Crisco brand of shortening. For many years, Crisco has advertised itself as the best ingredient to be used for making the flakiest, most delicious pie crust.

While the skill of making homemade pies may have waned over the past few decades, the enjoyment of eating pie certainly has not. So get on board with Great American Pie Month by showing some love and appreciation for the beauty that comes from a deliciously simple pastry when it is filled with delightful things!

The calendar comes with so many different options for celebrating the amazing joy of pie! With several events throughout the year, see which one of these might be a favorite: National Apple Pie Day in May, National Lemon Meringue Pie Day in August, or National Pecan Pie Day, which is celebrated in July. 

How to Celebrate Great American Pie Month

With twenty-eight (or sometimes twenty-nine!) whole days to celebrate the culinary creation of pie, why not check out some of these fun and delicious ideas for observing Great American Pie Month:

Eat Some Pie

First order of business for this event? Get some pie into that mouth! Whether it comes from a local bakery or grocery store, or it is a homemade version, eating pie is the most necessary part of this celebration. Perhaps the most dedicated lovers and celebrators of Great American Pie Month would commit to trying a different flavor of pie each and every day. From strawberry rhubarb to pumpkin cream, from cherry to key lime, and so many others – that’s certainly a challenge that would be worth taking!

Bake a Pie

The great thing about Great American Pie Month occurring during this time of year is that for most people, at least in the northern hemisphere, this is a good time to turn the oven on. So get out those ingredients, preheat that oven, and get ready to start baking!

Veteran makers of pie might be interested in coming up with some challenging recipes or creative twists on their usual habits. And those who are new to baking pies can use this as a great motivation to get started with learning. While YouTube videos and online tutorials might work, it could also be a fun time to connect with a mom, grandma or older friend who knows how to make pies and would be a willing teacher.

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