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While it might seem that this week is about celebrating playing board games, card games or sports games, it’s certainly not! Instead, the Great British Game Week is all about those folks in Britain enjoying all of the aspects of eating wild game. It’s a delightful culinary event that brings together a variety of people including chefs, restaurant owners, customers, and even hunters to enjoy the versatility, sustainability and healthiness that is inherent in wild game.

Got game? Game on!

History of the Great British Game Week

The Great British Game Week can trace its history back to 2013 when the event was first established by a collaboration between the folks over at Taste of Game (now called Eat Game) as well as Annette Woolcock from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. The event takes place at the perfect time in wild gaming season, at the end of the autumn months when the weather is beginning to turn cold!

The purpose of this event is to champion the reputation of the UK for its high quality wild game meat, encouraging its consumption and promoting the industry. Many local butchers are the perfect place to find access to wild game meat that is sourced in local areas. Even some larger London suppliers, such as the world-renowned Selfridges Food Hall and Fortnum & Mason’s have been known to participate by supplying game from the British Game Association to their customers this week and all throughout the season.

How to Celebrate the Great British Game Week

Join in on the fun and celebrate all that is great about game! Observe with the Great British Game Week by hopping over to a local butcher and planning to participate with some of these ideas:

Learn About the Benefits of Wild Game

Game meat has a range of benefits for health as well as for the sustainability of the planet. Check out some of these benefits in observation of the Great British Game Week:

  • The largest majority of game meat is sold at a local level, which means there is less energy spent on getting the food to the consumers.

  • Compared to beef and lamb, wild game meat such as venison and pheasant are extremely low in fat.

  • Wild game meat offers a high source of protein and can be exchanged for other meats in a wide range of family recipes.

Cook with Game Meat

Those who haven’t yet tried cooking with game can certainly take the Great British Game Week as an opportunity to move into this culinary realm. And it can be very easy! Search out a few game recipe substitutions online that sound tasty and give them a try. Check out some of these ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Instant Pot Venison Pot Roast. Yummy with carrots and potatoes.
  • Marinated Elk Steaks. So much leaner than beef but just as tasty.
  • Authentic Spanish Paella. This one uses wild caught rabbit for a superb flavor.
  • Venison Stroganoff. Deliciously creamy with homemade or store bought noodles.

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