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National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

Picture the crispiest, juiciest, most delicious bite you've ever taken - that's what you'll get with this mouth-watering sandwich!

Chaos Never Dies Day

Unleash your inner spontaneous adventurer and savor every joyful second of this incredible ride called life. Embrace the now and let the good times roll!

National Scrapple Day

A humble regional dish, made from resourceful and sustainable traditions, reflects the rich history and culinary heritage of a community.

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How to celebrate Nov 9th

How about starting the day with a crispy fried chicken sandwich for breakfast? Hit the kitchen early and whip up a simple sandwich with some breaded chicken, lettuce, and mayo. Get your day off to a tasty start celebrating the comfort of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day.

After your delicious breakfast, head to a local art museum. Take a leisurely stroll through the exhibits and appreciate the creativity on display. Try to soak in the beauty and inspiration all around you as you observe the works of talented artists. It’s a great way to celebrate Go to an Art Museum Day.

When chaos starts creeping in, take a moment to center yourself and find some calm. Embrace Chaos Never Dies Day by decluttering a small area of your home or workspace. Clearing out the chaos can help you feel more organized and focused.

For lunch, why not try something unique and adventurous like scrapple? Celebrate National Scrapple Day by cooking up this lesser-known dish made from pork scraps and cornmeal. It’s a flavorful way to celebrate culinary diversity.

In the afternoon, take a moment to reflect on the importance of freedom. Whether through reading, watching a documentary, or discussing with friends, honor World Freedom Day by engaging with the concept of liberty and its significance.

As evening approaches, consider hosting a Carl Sagan Day viewing party. Watch an episode of Cosmos or another space-themed documentary to marvel at the wonders of the universe and ponder our place within it.

Cap off your day with a sweet treat in celebration of British Pudding Day. Try your hand at making a traditional British pudding or simply enjoy a store-bought version. Savor the flavors and indulge in a little dessert decadence.

To round out the festivities, why not pay homage to the rich culture and flavors of Louisiana on National Louisiana Day? Whip up a batch of red beans and rice or enjoy some spicy gumbo for dinner. Let the music of the bayou transport you for a truly immersive experience.

With a little creativity and enthusiasm, you can turn a seemingly random assortment of holidays into a fun and fulfilling day of celebration. Enjoy the journey from fried chicken sandwiches to art museums, chaos to reflection, and pudding to Louisiana cuisine. Cheers to making the most of these weird and wonderful national holidays!

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World Freedom Day

Commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain on World Freedom Day and call for liberty everywhere through protest and political activism.

Carl Sagan Day

A unique mind, Carl Sagan offered the world a variety of new discoveries in science as well as new ways to think about the world.


Children’s Book Week 

Spark the joy of exploration in young minds through tales that open doors to realms of endless fascination and growth.

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Promoting knowledge and support for a health challenge, uniting to improve outcomes and provide hope for affected individuals.

National Children’s Month

Supporting young lives facing economic challenges, extending a compassionate hand for brighter futures and opportunities.

Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month

Navigating sibling absence, emotions echo, memories linger, forging a path through grief's labyrinth with resilience and healing.

World Vegan Month

Explore a plant-based lifestyle with delicious meatless meals, refreshing juices, and creative recipes. Challenge yourself to eat clean and healthy for 30 days!

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

This creamy spread is a delicious and versatile addition to any kitchen. It pairs perfectly with jelly, chocolate, or just a spoon!


A whole month dedicated to raising awareness for men's health! Celebrate with a bold new look while supporting a great cause.

National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Shining a light on a condition that deserves more understanding, helping break down barriers and stigma, and showing support for those affected.

National Native American Heritage Month

The indigenous peoples of America, with their rich traditions and deep connection to the land, offer a fascinating glimpse into the continent's history.

Manatee Awareness Month

These gentle giants of the sea need our care and understanding to thrive in their home - the tranquil waters of coastal habitats.

National Pomegranate Month

The burst of juicy, ruby-red seeds hiding behind that tough exterior, each bite's a delightful surprise, a sweet-tart explosion of flavor.

National Novel Writing Month

Crafting a story that weaves characters through a thrilling journey, venturing into uncharted worlds where adventures unfold one chapter at a time.

National Adoption Month

Building a family through love, regardless of biology, weaving unique stories and bonds that defy any textbook definition of what it means to belong.

National Healthy Skin Month

Preserving skin health ensures longevity, radiance, and shields against environmental stressors for a healthy complexion.

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