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Gumdrops are a unique candy, consisting of a gelatin texture close to Jello but not quite. Gumdrops are typically flavored with fruits and spices and are most often eaten during the winter months.

But what’s the history behind the gumdrop and when did it start? Gumdrop Day celebrates all things related to gumdrops, celebrating its mysterious history and hopes to encourage everyone to eat them and use them on this day. 

History of Gumdrop Day

Gumdrops were believed to be invented by Percy Trusdale in 1801, however, many still debate about the history of gumdrops and how they came to be.

Gumdrops, the brightly colored pectin shaped like domes, are also called spice drops for the variety of spices they contain, such as cinnamon and clove. The term “gumdrops” didn’t exist until the 1850s, when it appeared in the Illinois State Chronicle, as it reported on a candy shop, owned by George Julier.

The gelatin-based candy has since become a popular candy, as it has been used for decorating gingerbread houses, appeared in games such as Candy Land, and has been the nickname for the NASA Apollo Command modules because of their gumdrop shape. 

Well, whoever invented them, gumdrops sure are delicious, as the most popular flavors for gumdrops are cherry, orange, lemon, grape, and licorice. Gumdrops are also a candy that’s typically seen during Christmas time due to its use of spices. Spices such as cinnamon, allspice, licorice, clove, and mint are typically used during this time.

For those who want a different candy experience that isn’t one filled with overwhelming sugar, then gumdrops offer a solution for those with a sweet tooth. On this day, people celebrate by eating gumdrops, using them for gingerbread house decorations, and playing the Candy Land game. 

How to Celebrate Gumdrop Day 

Gumdrop Day is all about exploring a new kind of candy and tasting its spicy, yet sweet, flavors and textures. Purchase a bag of gumdrops and give them a try! Celebrate Gumdrop Day by choosing your favorite flavor. Design an outfit based around a gumdrop to wear for the day. Host a gumdrop themed party and play Candy Land!

Share some gumdrops with your friends, family, and loved ones, and ask them what their favorite flavors are. Tell everyone about the unique facts you’ve learned about gumdrops, and enjoy everything there is to love about this sweet, gooey, and spice-filled treat.