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Gumdrops are a unique candy, consisting of a gelatin texture that is somewhat similar to Jello, but a bit more dense. Gumdrops are typically flavored with fruits and spices and are most often eaten during the winter months. Festive and fun, a bag of gumdrops will typically include candy colors such as red, orange, purple, white, green and yellow.

National Gumdrop Day celebrates all things related to gumdrops, including its mysterious history, and hopes to encourage everyone to eat them and enjoy them on this day.

Learn About National Gumdrop Day

National Gumdrop Day is a day that we can all look forward to; an opportunity to indulge in as many tasty gumdrops as we wish! For those people who have never had a gumdrop before, it’s time to stop missing out! These candies are chewy, colorful, and best of all, tasty!

It’s possible to choose from a wide range of flavors as well. Made using gelatin which is then coated in sugar, gumdrop flavors are typically indicated by their corresponding colors.Most people tend to go for the fruity variety, but there are even spicy gumdrops too. While they taste great on their own, they are also ideal when used for decorating baked goods, gingerbread houses, and the like. With a sweet that is as exciting and versatile as this one, it is only right that there is a day when people all over the world can celebrate this yummy little confection!

History of National Gumdrop Day

So, what is the history behind the gumdrop and when did it start? Gumdrops were believed to be invented by Percy Trusdale in 1801, however, many still debate about the history of gumdrops and how they came to be.

Gumdrops, the brightly colored pectin candy shaped like domes, are also called spice drops for the variety of spices they contain, such as cinnamon and clove. The term “gumdrops” was first documented during the 1850s, when it appeared in the Illinois State Chronicle as it reported on a candy shop, owned by George Julier.

No matter who invented them, gumdrops are certainly delicious, and the most popular flavors for gumdrops are cherry, orange, lemon, grape, and licorice. Gumdrops are also a candy that’s typically seen during Christmas time due to its use of spices. Spices such as cinnamon, allspice, licorice, clove, and mint are typically used during this time.

How to Celebrate National Gumdrop Day

National Gumdrop Day is all about exploring this classic kind of candy and tasting its spicy, yet sweet, flavors and textures. Purchase a bag of gumdrops and give them a try, share with friends and choose your favorite flavor.

Dress Up for National Gumdrop Day

Design an outfit based around a gumdrop to wear for the day. This might even include fashioning these classic little candies into edible jewelry –such as earrings or a necklace. Whether simply donning a colorful polka-dotted t-shirt or dressing up all in one color as a nod to a particular favorite flavor, a gumdrop-inspired outfit or costume is sure to bring a smile or laugh to coworkers and friends!

Gumdrop Party Time

Host a gumdrop themed party or get-together, complete with gumdrop treats and snacks. Guests can try their hand at decorating a sugary snack with gumdrops, or enjoy a few rounds of the popular game, Candy Land. And don’t forget to invite friends to dress in their favorite gumdrop color.

Make Gumdrops Crafts

Whether used as an activity for a Gumdrop party with friends or just as something to do for fun, Gumdrops provide a myriad of ideas for making crafts for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

Admittedly a bit sticky to the fingers due to the sugar, but the viscosity of Gumdrops makes them a fun treat to use to make delectable, creative artwork. And if hands are carefully washed ahead of time, the crafts can be doubly enjoyed when eaten later.

Try out these Gumdrop craft ideas or imagine others:

  • Gumdrop Caterpillars. Stack multi-colored candies on a skewer to make a caterpillar, or choose only the green ones for a more authentic worm! Attach tiny dots for eyes and cut licorice stems for antennae.
  • Gumdrop Ornaments. Hang these on their own or attach a few together on a string to make a festive garland. Use hot glue to attach gumdrops (flat side down) to the surface of a small styrofoam ball. Mixing up the colors like a rainbow offers the most fun.
  • Gumdrop Snowmen. Stacking up just the white sweets means building something that looks like a cute little snowman. Just add a few black dots for eyes, mouth and buttons, an orange dot for a nose, and then top it off with a black gumdrop for a hat.
  • Gumdrop Tinker Toys. Gather a collection of toothpicks and gumdrops and get ready to create a geometric masterpiece. Just use the gumdrops as “joints” to stick the toothpicks into and then build them into shapes such as pyramids or house shapes. Using colored toothpicks can make the creations just that much more festive. And when they’re finished? Go ahead and eat them!

Share Gumdrops with Others

Share some gumdrops with coworkers, friends, family, and loved ones, and ask them what their favorite flavors are. Tell everyone about the unique facts you’ve learned about gumdrops, and enjoy everything there is to love about this sweet, gooey, and spice-filled treat.

Learn to Make Gumdrops

Another way that National Gumdrop Day can be celebrated is by attempting to make these tasty and colorful treats at home! A simple search online should reveal that there are many different recipes to choose from. Most recipes will call for basic ingredients such as food coloring, baking soda, powdered fruit pectin, fruit juice, corn syrup, sugar, and vegetable oil.

Trying a hand at making homemade gumdrops can be a fun way to celebrate on this day, as this kind of activity is a unique and interesting pastime! Because candy making is a bit of an acquired skill, be prepared for this to be a learning experience!

Even if they don’t turn out exactly like the ones purchased in the shops, making gumdrops at home can certainly still be an adventure that yields a lot of fun. Of course, it is recommended to keep a couple of bags of gumdrops in the house, just in case your own creation doesn’t go to plan!

Fun Facts About Gumdrops

The gelatin-based candy has not only been used for decorating cakes and gingerbread houses, but has also:

  • Appeared in the popular Milton Bradley game, Candy Land, in the form of Gumdrop Mountain as well as Gumdrop Pass.

  • Been the nickname for the NASA Apollo Command modules–because of their gumdrop shape.

  • The phrase “Goody, Goody Gumdrops” was first popularized in the 1930s by a cartoon strip called Harold Teen.

For those who want a different candy experience that isn’t one filled with overwhelming sugar, then gumdrops offer a solution for those with a sweet tooth. On this day, people celebrate by eating gumdrops, using them for gingerbread house decorations, and playing the Candy Land game.

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