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Any cat owner will tell you that cats consider themselves to be far, far superior to us mere mortals. They most certainly feel entitled and deserving of all that life has to offer, so why not have a Happy Mew Year for Cats Day Day just for them?

Like the hugely inferior human version of New Year’s Day, it is on this special day that our feline companions can paws (get it?) and consider the ‘mewness’ of the brand new season and all of the purrfect possibilities it holds. Perhaps this will be the year their people start feeding them tinned food instead of dry? Maybe that tomcat next door will make his move? Will the useless dog realise that the cat is king in this house? All these questions and more can be pondered by our furry kitties today while they go about their normal business of looking aloof and disinterested. After all, don’t you know that cats rule and dogs drool?

History of Happy Mew Year Day

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day was created by so cats could have their own little celebration for New Year’s. And why not indeed? Cats are graceful, regal and all around fabulous, so why shouldn’t they have their own version of New Year’s?

How to celebrate Happy Mew Year Day

Many holidays here on are all in good fun, but the truth is that many animal-related holidays can also help raise awareness about the millions of unwanted, unloved, neglected and abused pets that end up in animal shelters across the nation, spend months or even years there, and are eventually put to sleep for lack of funds to keep them alive. So if you haven’t got your own perfect feline ruler yet, it’s time to take action now!

Of course, if you do, then this is the perfect time to spoil your cat with fish and all sorts of other cat delicacies, but if not…

Help reduce the amount of pets euthanized waiting for their “furever” home by adopting an abandoned cat! As you’re welcoming in the New Year into your life, won’t you consider opening your heart and your home to a new four-legged friend as well?

Cats can serve many purposes around the home—they are natural, avid hunters, so they can easily resolve any mouse invasion problem you might be experiencing quickly an, well, with pleasure. cats are also just plain fun to have around the home—they’re the perfect mix of both fun and silly.

They chase shadows and the light of flashlights. They always seem to know the right time to cuddle, when you’re feeling sad or lonely. They’re graceful and beautiful and just a pleasure to watch. They groom constantly, making their fur silky smooth to the touch… There are so many reasons to adopt a cat into your home! So if you haven’t done this yet, go down to your local animal shelter today and find the kitty that’s been waiting there for you for weeks or even months, and take her home!

Nothing beats the gratitude of a cat, guaranteed! You may have all sorts of New Year’s resolutions that may or may not work out, but adopting a cat is something you will never regret, and the cat will never forget.

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