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In today’s digital age, the threat of having one’s personal information and identity stolen is a common risk. With the annual price tag of identity fraud ranging in the tens of billions of dollars every year, this is certainly a topic that needs to be taken very seriously! 

Identity Management Day is here to encourage and inspire individuals and organizations to learn more and take advantage of opportunities to protect themselves from these types of losses.

History of Identity Management Day

The inaugural celebration of Identity Management Day was held in 2021 with the purpose of promoting public awareness to educate business leaders, IT decision makers and more. The founders who worked in collaboration to start Identity Management Day include the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) as well as the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA).

From credit card fraud to tax identity theft and stealing through government benefits or utility companies, criminals can be frustratingly creative when they choose to commit fraud. Identity Management Day was founded to increase the attention toward identity risk and encourage more people to work harder at maintaining the safety of their identities.

How to Celebrate Identity Management Day

Stay safe out there in the cyberworld and encourage others to do the same by celebrating and raising awareness about Identity Management Day. Participate with the day in some of these ways:

Learn Some Important Facts About Identity Management 

Those who aren’t sure if identity management and theft is worth all of the hype may be interested in learning more about the topic and sharing in honor of Identity Management Day. Check out some of these interesting facts to get started:

  • More than 1 million children become victims of identity crimes every year.

  • Approximately one-third of Americans have experienced some sort of identity loss at one point in their lives, and many of them are business related.

  • Cases have been on the rise, as the total number of identity theft and fraud cases has increased almost three-fold in the past decade or so. This means that there is an identity theft case that happens about every 22 seconds!

  • The most victimized people in consumer fraud cases recently have been those who fall into the age category of 30-39.

Attend the Identity Management Day Virtual Conference

Each year in tandem with the celebration of Identity Management Day, the promoters put on a virtual conference that offers educational resources and tools to share best practices, raise awareness and provide inspiration to individuals, businesses and organizations. Check out the website for IDSA to learn more about how to register for the annual online event. 

Consider Forms of Identity Protection

Identity Management Day is a great time to consider ways to shore up various aspects of identity. From changing passwords online to shredding documents, this is a time for attention to detail. Businesses can also get involved by implementing company-wide strategies to lower risk and prevent loss through software changes, multi-factor authentication, and reporting of data breaches or fraud.

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