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While the cyber world is something that exists “out there” in the atmosphere that is invisible to the average user, there are physical buildings located all over the world that house all of the computers and information that keep the internet running. 

Data centers are an important part of the world’s infrastructure of workers within the segment of Information Technology (IT). Ranging from small spaces to huge industrial-scale building complexes, data centers are a vital presence in a world where the internet, computers and IT abounds.

International Data Center Day is here to raise awareness about, show support for and get future workers interested in and inspired about the idea of being involved with data centers!

History of International Data Center Day

International Data Center Day started in the early 2020s as an initiative of 7×24 Exchange International as part of an ongoing effort to inspire the next generation of talent in the world of data centers. It’s a great way for individuals and companies to expand their horizons and get connected with more information and understanding about the future of the data center industry.

One of the ways that this day is celebrated is that data centers across the world are encouraged to host open houses on this day, inviting students and prospective employees for a visit. These visits can help future talent to better understand and get a feel for the ways that they could also be involved with some exciting employment opportunities for the future.

People involved with or interested in the IT industry can show some love for the physical spaces behind their operations by celebrating International Data Center Day.

How to Celebrate International Data Center Day

Looking for ways to get connected and participate in International Data Center Day? Check out some of these ideas for getting started with the day:

Host an International Data Center Day Event

Companies that have data centers may choose to participate in International Data Center Day by hosting an open house or some other sort of event. This can be something simple or elaborate, as long as it invites the public, including students and potential employees, to their location to get a better grasp about what it would be like to work there. Arrange for tours, Q&A sessions, interest meetings, interviews with current employees or other ways that can get visitors to engage with the event.

Pursue a Data Center Career

In honor and celebration of International Data Center Day, young people can get involved by considering a career in the world of IT that would put them to work in a data center. Facility engineers, data center technicians, engineers, project managers, electricians, production leaders and so many others may find a fulfilling career in the world of a data center.

Connect with the Community

Companies who run data centers can make it a priority to connect with the community for International Data Center Day and all throughout the year. With a focus on education, data centers can adopt a school, provide information about scholarships, participate in mentoring programs and do many other activities that will help them stay engaged with the community and future data center workers.

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