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International Asexuality Day brings attention and understanding to the population of people throughout the world who experience little or no sexual attraction. The desire for this day is to increase awareness about these individuals who identify as asexual and seek to be better understood by the broader public. 

History of International Asexuality Day

In 2021, the inaugural celebration of International Asexuality Day took place, prepared by a committee made up of people from different countries who spent almost a year planning the event. Since then, the event has taken place annually and continues to grow each year that it is celebrated.

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about asexuality in general, drawing particular attention to the four themes of advocacy, celebration, education and solidarity. The hope for International Asexuality Day is that more people will become knowledgeable about, aware of, and gain support through the large network of people from all over the world who are in the community that falls under the Ace umbrella.

‘Ace’ is a term that is used by people in the LGBTQ+ community who identify as asexual, which may include a partial or complete lack of sexual attraction or interest in sexual activity with others. Asexuality is typically considered as a spectrum where sexual attraction may range from none to little to conditional. Other terms used may be ‘graysexual’ or ‘demisexual’.

One of the important aims of International Asexual Day is that the people from non-Western or non-English speaking countries are given a voice and the work of these asexual support communities is recognized.

How to Celebrate International Asexuality Day

Support an Ace Community Cause

One excellent way to get on board with celebrating International Asexuality Day might be to get involved with a non-profit or community organization that focuses on supporting people who identify as asexual. Make a donation to a charitable group like The Trevor Project, which offers help and suicide intervention for LGBTQ+ teens. Or get involved in the local community by signing up to volunteer for related events and activities. 

Learn Asexual Terminology

Many people shy away from people who identify uniquely, simply because they don’t understand or aren’t comfortable talking about it. International Asexuality Day might be the right time to get a bit more informed and educated by learning about and starting a conversation with a safe person regarding some of these terms:

  • Demisexual

    People who experience sexual attraction only once they are emotionally connected with another person

  • Graysexual (or Gray-Ace)

    People who identify on the spectrum between sexual and asexual

  • Aromantic

    Someone who does not experience romantic attraction

Those who are interested in celebrating other related days throughout the year might want to check out Ace Week and LGBTQ+ History Month, both which take place in October, or Pride Month that happens in June.  

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