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The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein

Questions are one of the most essential ways that humans are able to learn and communicate with one another. Sadly, in many cases, certain people do not feel comfortable enough to ask questions–or maybe they don’t even know how to ask them.

International Ask a Question Day aims to change the way people view questions! It seeks to not only allow, but to welcome, the curiosity of individuals who want to know more about the world and how it works.

This day intends to create awareness, open minds and teach others how to ask questions. When people can inquire about the world around them, they can find joy, fascination, and curiosity in all of the various aspects that make everyday life extremely fulfilling

History of International Ask a Question Day

International Ask a Question Day takes place on Albert Einstein’s birthday (born in 1879). As part of what he stood for, this holiday focuses on the importance of curiosity, asking questions, and inspiring learning for future generations. The more people ask questions, the more likely they are to become great minds like Einstein was!

Diving into the life of this extremely influential scientist, Einstein’s admirers are reminded that he was responsible for developing the special and general theories of relativity. His theory of relativity, along with his equation, E=MC2, helped to shift the understanding physicists have of space.

Einstein’s work in the field of physics ultimately predicted the creation of the controversial atomic bomb. And his understanding of light, in which light is both a wave and a stream of particles, helped to shape modern quantum mechanics. For his life’s work, he earned the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 and became one of the most well-known and inspiring scientists of the 20th century.

Looking at his work, as well as the works of many successful social reformers, educators, and influencers of the past decade, International Ask a Question Day encourages those people, whether young and old, to learn what questions to ask and how to ask them. This allows humans all over the world to continue bringing a sense of curiosity to their lives.

Asking questions can do more than simply help gather information. It allows people to build better relationships, help create awareness, aid in thinking clearly, solve problems, challenge assumptions, set goals, and so much more. Asking questions can make all the difference for people who are making important decisions, and it can be monumental in a person’s growth throughout their entire life.

So, take the time to ask questions, learn, and become something amazing on this day.

How to Celebrate International Ask a Question Day

Celebrate this day in the most obvious way, of course: by beginning to ask questions!

Don’t know where to start? Consider these ideas to celebrate and embrace the principle of question-asking, or come up with your own:

Brush Up on the Basic Types of Questions

Journalists live by these questions, but that doesn’t mean they have a corner on the market! Take a page out of the journalism manual and learn to ask all of the necessary and relevant questions related to a topic, including all of the Ws (and one special H):

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

Celebrate Ask a Question Day in Schools

Teachers and parents of school-aged children should consider making a big deal out of this day. The younger children are when they learn to ask questions safely, the better!

  • Make a bulletin board display that leaves opportunity for the children to ask their most pressing questions and place them on the board. Like many scientists and innovators of the past have shown, the curiosity of asking questions can promote creativity and drive that causes children to grow up and find the answers for the world!
  • Provide an open opportunity, in class or a full assembly, for children to ask questions of an expert in science, music, art or some other discipline. Children can submit their questions in advance, so that the expert can be prepared with answers. It is important to remember that there are no stupid questions!
  • In honor of his birthday, create a display with interesting facts about Albert Einstein. Then have the children come up with questions they would ask Einstein if he was alive today.

Get Expert Advice on How to Ask Questions Well

Look to motivational shows such as TED talks and educational organizations to see about getting tips on asking questions well.

For those at school, ask teachers or professors where to start. If not, don’t be afraid to inquire of an admired person and begin asking them questions about their life, their stories, and what they’ve learned from their various experiences.

Develop an Open Q & A Forum

In some circles, especially in academic cultures, it may sometimes be assumed that students should already have all of the answers. But, in reality, the purpose of learning is to gain answers to questions over time.

In order for people to feel completely comfortable asking questions, they need to feel that they will not be looked down upon and will be answered with respect!

People who are knowledgeable on certain subjects or topics might want to get creative with the way they share! Authors, teachers and even craftsmen can join in by offering opportunities, all with the motivation of the free exchange of asking questions!

This can happen through local town-hall meetings, conferences, online meetups or other forums that foster the asking and answering of questions in a healthy manner.

The most important goal of this day is to foster an environment where curiosity and asking questions is not only normal, but it is encouraged!

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #internationalaskaquestionday and let your friends and family know the importance of asking questions throughout everyday life.

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