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In recent years, sports has been shown to be a bridge builder between nations, promoting peace as well as sustainable development objectives. With this in mind, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) was established with the goal of promoting the power that sports has to drive social change, build and develop communities, as well as fostering peace and understanding throughout various cultures and people groups in the world. 

History of International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

This day got its start in 2013 when the United Nations worked together to build the day in recognition of the positive impact of sport on various aspects of humanity, including the advancement of human rights as well as social and economic development. The day was then supported by the International Olympic Committee when it was first celebrated in 2014. In addition, the United Nations invited a wide range of relevant international organizations, sports organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector groups and so many others to cooperate by observing and raising awareness for the day.

The date of celebration for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace was set because this day commemorates the inauguration of the first modern Olympics that were held beginning on April 6, 1896, taking place in Athens, Greece. Considering the whole Olympic movement all with individual athletes, this day seeks to feature sports as one factor toward building a sustainable, peaceful, healthier, and more inclusive society throughout the planet.

How to Celebrate International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Show some love for sports and celebrate the way that it can build unity and peace by enjoying the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace:

Watch Some International Sports

In an era where international sports of all shapes and sizes can be found on television, through cable channels or on the internet via platforms like YouTube, this is a great time to watch some international teams compete in sports. Take an opportunity on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace to watch a match, game, or some other version of sports competition.

Learn Some Benefits of Sports 

In celebration of IDSDP, perhaps it would be interesting to get a bit more educated on how helpful sports can be for individuals, groups, communities and even nations. Check out and share some of these benefits to get started with:

  • Empower communities. The ability for a community to send some their best and brightest talent to compete on their behalf helps to build connection and stability.

  • Sport and play are forms of learning. Children are always learning as they play, and sports are no different. Here they can not only learn physical skills but also how to work as a team and help others.

  • Create understanding and tolerance. Those who compete in local and international sports can build a broader worldview that considers cultural differences and builds tolerance.

  • Economic growth. Developing nations that engage in sports find that it has a positive impact on the country’s economy.

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