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Honoring human ingenuity and shining a spotlight on the creative innovations that change the world, International Invention Day offers a perfect opportunity to encourage, support and promote inventors of both the past and the future! 

History of International Invention Day

International Invention Day takes place thanks to the founding efforts of a company called Vention, a forward-thinking tech business that works to innovate and transform the world throughout various industries. The purpose of the day is to not only honor inventors and their contributions to solving problems and building into progress, but it also seeks to recognize the power of ideas and the pursuit of improvement while inspiring those inventors who have yet to reveal themselves in generations to come.

How to Celebrate International Invention Day

Creativity and ingenuity are the name of the game – so get started with some of these ideas for enjoying International Invention Day:

Share Cool Inventions with Others

Got a great idea that has been the solution to a problem at home, at school or at work? International Invention Day is just the time to do a bit of sharing to let others know that you’re proud of your work. Let others know what the problem was that started it all, the process used to create the invention, the final results, and their possible impact on society.  Share photos and descriptions in person or online to let the world know what a great inventor looks like! Those who are interested in getting their invention insights published can contact the folks at Vention to submit a post for their blog about the day. 

Inspire a Future Invention

Kids have brains that can be amazing at thinking and creating – especially when they are given the tools, resources and encouragement to do so! Teachers, parents, grandparents and others who have influence over the lives of young people can celebrate International Invention Day by making a point of encouraging a budding young scientist, mathematician, engineer, builder, computer programmer or other future inventor in their pursuits. Make an investment of time, encourage them in their activities, and provide them with the supplies they need to make their invention dreams come true.

Join the In:Vention Incubator

In celebration of International Invention Day, the folks at Vention want to encourage startups who are striving to make their product happen. The company offers access to free custom software development services to a winning founder with a registered business that could use a bit of help to turn their ideas and plans into real products. It’s an excellent opportunity for young inventors to get an extra boost toward making their way in the business world.

Other events throughout the year that can be celebrated in relation to International Invention Day include National Inventors Day and National Women Inventors Month, both in February, as well National Kid Inventors Day in January, and National Inventors Month in August.   

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