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Ready to get nostalgic and delight in the classic invention that is a wood-sided station wagon? Then it’s time to celebrate everything related to Woodie Wagon Day!

History of Woodie Wagon Day

Some people might be asking, “What’s a Woodie Wagon?” They’ve probably seen them, they just didn’t know that’s what they were called!

Woodie Wagons are the station wagon cars that were originally built in the United States beginning in the late 1920s and through to the late 1940s. The sides and doors of these cars were painstakingly paneled with actual wood. The back trunk door or hatch, as well as the insides, were also often made with this lush wood paneling.

The design was incorporated by many different auto manufacturers in the United States, including Ford, Mercury, General Motors, Chrysler and others. Featuring ash, mahogany and birch, some of these models also included gumwood.

This type of wood-filled wagon was rather heavy, weighing approximately 200-300 pounds more than cars like them that were made from all steel. Still, what the Woodie Wagon lacked in practicality, it made up for in beauty and class.

How to Celebrate Woodie Wagon Day

Join the National Woodie Club

A fun way to get connected with other Woodie Wagon lovers and stay informed about these delightful cars is through the National Woodie Club. This club was started by and for those who own, or simply appreciate, the rich history and cultural contribution of the Woodie Wagon, whether American or foreign.

Stay apprised of various local and national events related to Woodie Wagons. Membership includes a subscription to the monthly Woodie Times magazine, the opportunity to participate in local chapters of the Woodie Club, and free classified ads on the website.

Learn more about Woodie Wagons

A wide range of books have been published about this classic car that would be perfect to read for Woodie Wagon Day. Or, watch some interesting documentaries or shows about classic cars that offer information related to the Woodie Wagon.

Start learning with some of these fun facts for Woodie Wagon Day:

  • Woodies started out as utility vehicles but eventually were turned into family wagons and some were even made into luxury cars.

  • The first Woodie to be mass produced was the 1929 Ford Model A, which was a beloved model for 25 years.

  • It’s been more than 50 years since the last legitimate Woodie was made, which was the Morris Minor Traveler in 1971.

  • Woodies faded out of use as steel was more practical and lighter weight as it became easier to mold. Plus, many owners didn’t like the fact that wood was high maintenance.

Visit a Car Museum or Car Show

Get a glimpse at an actual Woodie Wagon by taking a tour through a car museum that features an array of these delightful automobiles. Celebrate Woodie Wagon Day in one of these interesting car museums in the United States:

  • Audrain Auto Museum in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • St. Louis Car Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • San Diego Automotive Museum in San Diego, California.
  • Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, New York.

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