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Every year, Global Money Week (GMW) kicks off excitedly, focusing on enhancing financial awareness among the young.

This vibrant event will be celebrated from March 18th to 24th in 2024. Organized by the OECD International Network on Financial Education, the launch brings together participants from around the world to share knowledge and strategies for managing finances safely and responsibly​​.

The theme for GMW 2024, “Protect your money, secure your future,” underscores the importance of being informed and cautious with personal finances, particularly to shield against financial scams and frauds.

These risks can include anything from phishing to identity theft. This theme highlights the crucial need for financial education, aiming to equip young people with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the financial world safely​.

Global Money Week is celebrated internationally. Various organizations and financial institutions, such as Aflatoun and major banks like ING and MasterCard, participate.

This collaboration underscores the global commitment to improving financial literacy and capability from a young age, ensuring that future generations are prepared to make informed financial decisions and achieve financial well-being.​

History of the International Launch of Global Money Week

Global Money Week (GMW), originally known as Child Finance Day and Week, started in 2012 with participation from 21 countries.

It was an initiative by Child and Youth Finance International aimed at raising financial awareness among young people.

Over the years, GMW has significantly expanded both in scope and reach. By 2013, it involved around 1 million children across 80 countries in activities coordinated by a mix of organizations, including NGOs, central banks, and educational institutions​.

The week has seen a steady increase in participation and activities. By 2014, it had grown to involve 3 million children in 118 countries, and by 2016, over 7 million young people in 132 countries were participating in GMW.

Each year, GMW introduces a theme to focus its activities, such as “Save Today, Safe Tomorrow” in 2015 and “Learn to Save Earn” in 2017, which emphasized learning about economic rights, cultivating savings habits, and developing livelihood skills​.

Currently organized by the OECD International Network on Financial Education, GMW continues to foster global awareness about the importance of financial education for young people.

Its activities are diverse, ranging from visits to financial institutions to youth debates and financial education games. Over the years, notable partners like ING Group, MasterCard, and various stock exchanges worldwide have supported the initiative.

The event highlights financial literacy and encourages practical financial actions and entrepreneurship among youth, providing them with a platform to gain vital knowledge and skills for their future financial well-being​​.

How to Celebrate International Launch of Global Money Week

Dive Into Digital Delights

Why not kick off Global Money Week by plunging into the digital realm? Host or join an online quiz about financial literacy.

It’s fun and educational, and you can invite friends from around the globe to participate. Engage with others to learn about everything from saving tips to smart investment strategies.

Strike a Pose with Financial Literacy Posters

Get those creative juices flowing and craft some eye-catching posters that highlight key financial concepts.

Whether it’s the importance of budgeting, the basics of banking, or tips for tackling debt, your artwork could help spread vital financial wisdom. Share your masterpieces online or display them at local schools and community centers.

Host a Money-Themed Game Night

Gather your pals for a game night where Monopoly, The Game of Life, or any finance-themed board game. It’s a relaxed way to discuss money management skills and financial strategies while trying to bankrupt your friends!

Launch a Financial Literacy Workshop

Team up with local experts or financial advisors to organize workshops for different age groups. Cover crucial topics like saving, investing, and avoiding financial scams.

These sessions can be invaluable for equipping attendees with the tools they need to make informed financial decisions.

Each of these activities reinforces the importance of being financially savvy from a young age. Celebrating Global Money Week can leave lasting impressions and foster a generation that’s wise with their wealth​.

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