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Mining is a vital industry that is important to communities, regions and countries. Contributing important resources, mined materials are used to construct roads, produce automobiles, build hospitals and houses, make computers and satellites, and provide so many other goods and services that people need and enjoy. 

But the mining industry all over the world has been and continues to be dominated by men. Today, International Women in Mining Day is here to show support for and raise awareness about the important role that women play in mining.

History of International Women in Mining Day

The first International Women in Mining Day was celebrated in 2022 when the global mining industry was called on to celebrate the talent and contributions of the female in the industry. In addition, the day is meant to draw attention to the continued need for gender equality in this sector. The inaugural online celebration of the day included over 1000 participants from more than eighty countries, 90% of whom were female.

This day was established by the organization called International Women in Mining (IWiM), which is a leading non-profit that aims to lead global change for gender equity in mining.

How to Celebrate International Women in Mining Day

Women and men alike can show support and get involved with International Women in Mining Day with some of these ideas:

Thank a Woman in Mining

Those who have a family member, friend, colleague or other acquaintance who is a woman in mining can celebrate International Women in Mining Day by saying thank you and showing some appreciation for them through sending them a card, buying them a coffee or giving them a big hug. Mining can be a dangerous occupation and they deserve the support of those in their community on this day and all throughout the year!

Learn More About Women in Mining 

Participate and get connected with International Women in Mining Day by learning more about the industry. Get started with some of these facts and statistics:

  • Women in mining represent approximately 8% to 17% (or 12.5% on average) of the people who work in that industry worldwide.

  • In 2018, the output of the global mining industry equaled more than 6% of the GDP worldwide, at $5.9 trillion USD.

  • Despite the fact that mining employment has continued to grow steadily over the years, the percentage of women employed in mines has barely changed.

Join the International Women in Mining Day Event

Folks who are involved with mining can join in with the online events that take place in honor of International Women in Mining Day. Find out more about joining events, listening to keynote speakers and participating by sending photos and videos to be shared. Check out the IWiM website for more information.  

Other days along this theme that may be celebrated include National Miner’s Day in December, International Women’s Day in March, and National Women’s Equality Day in August.  

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