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Take some time to pause and show appreciation for those who break down barriers of communication through language. With more than 6,500 languages that are spoken all around the globe each day, and a modern world that is filled with travel as well as virtual connectedness, the need for interpreters is vital for making millions of people’s lives work. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate Interpreter Appreciation Day! 

History of Interpreter Appreciation Day

People who have jobs or volunteer as interpreters may work with people who speak different languages for the purposes of business, government, travel, news media, education, health care and more. Interpreters may also work to help those who have disabilities, particularly when it comes to using sign language to communicate with the deaf.

A wide range of contexts exist in which interpreters function, including schools, business meetings, health care facilities, immigration offices, travel agencies, social services offices and so many other places. Some of these interpreters may be employed full time by a business or company, while others might work as freelancers, picking up jobs as and when they are needed.

Often, the time and effort it takes to function in different languages goes underappreciated and that’s the reason this day is here! Interpreter Appreciation Day got its start online in 2013 when Joshua Jones started a page on Facebook that was dedicated to the event. Mr. Jones is a deaf-blind person from California who founded the day with hopes of celebrating and showing appreciation for the folks who make life better by acting as interpreters for those who need them.

How to Celebrate Interpreter Appreciation Day

Show some extra love and appreciation for these people who work hard to make sure everyone understands! Check out some of these ideas for celebrating and enjoying Interpreter Appreciation Day:

Thank an Interpreter

Those who work with interpreters or translators on a regular basis might want to take Interpreter Appreciation Day as an opportunity to say thank you. Perhaps this would mean sending a card or small gift to a person who does regular interpretation for an individual or a team. Or it might mean buying their coffee or lunch on this day.

Learn Another Language

One of the best ways to really know and understand how hard it is that interpreters work might be to try learning another language! It’s a great way to open up new worlds of opportunity and bring worlds and people together. The modern world offers all sorts of different ways to become bilingual or even a polyglot. Choose language learning apps, video courses, online tutoring, local university classes, or some other venue. Interpreter Appreciation Day might act as an ideal motivator to get started learning a foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL).

Become an Interpreter

Those who are already bi-lingual, perhaps from learning in school or from growing up in a multicultural home, might consider working as an interpreter. Even those who don’t want to be employed as one can consider ways they can volunteer for hospitals, social care or other spaces where people in need might be assisted in honor of Interpreter Appreciation Day.

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