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Nail Day

Get your nails done (or do them yourself) and post or share your favorite “nailfie” (nail selfie) on social media to showcase your creativity.

World Laughter Day

It boosts your mood, and even lengthens your life. Watch your favorite comedy, read a funny book, or gather some friends to tell jokes and get your diaphragm working.

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How to celebrate May 5th

Are you ready for a wild day of celebration? Start with pampering your nails on Nail Day by giving yourself a fabulous manicure at home. Next, embrace your artistic side on National Cartoonists Day by creating your own comic strip. As you immerse yourself in creativity, honor the World Portuguese Language Day by learning a few basic phrases online.

Feeling hungry? Whip up a delicious hoagie sandwich to celebrate National Hoagie Day. Then, head outdoors for some fresh air on Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Day. Find a cozy shed in your neighborhood, give it a hug, and snap a selfie to capture the moment.

Keep the fun going by indulging in a free comic book on Free Comic Book Day. Lose yourself in a fantastical world while munching on your hoagie. Afterwards, pay tribute to National Concert Day by hosting a mini concert in your living room. Belt out your favorite tunes or try your hand at playing an instrument.

Take a break to appreciate the stars on National Astronaut Day. Stay up late to stargaze from your backyard or balcony. As Revenge of the Fifth rolls around, binge-watch a space-themed movie while sipping on a refreshing beverage.

Lastly, honor Indigenous communities on the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Educate yourself about their culture and struggles, and consider making a donation to a relevant organization.

This whirlwind of celebrations will keep you entertained and enlightened throughout the day. So gather your supplies, get creative, and dive into this mashup of holidays with gusto!

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National Concert Day

Savor the electrifying atmosphere, pulsating rhythms, and soul-stirring melodies at live music events that captivate and resonate.

National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Advocating for justice, honor, and remembrance, ensuring visibility and action to address the safety and rights of indigenous women and girls.

National Pipe Organ Day

Embracing the grandeur of an instrument that breathes life into vast spaces, echoing intricate melodies with majestic resonance.

National Astronaut Day

Blast off into an out-of-this-world celebration! Learn about space, astronauts, and explore the cosmos. It's time to reach for the stars!

Revenge of the Fifth

Cheering for the dark side, and finding fascination in characters who embrace their complexity and challenge traditional notions of good and evil.

Cinco de Mayo

With delicious food, lively music, and colorful decorations, it's a time to come together and honor the bravery of the Mexican people.

National Hoagie Day

Load up a soft or crispy bread roll with your favorite toppings, like meat, lettuce, tomato, and mustard, and dig in. Just don’t forget the napkins!

National Lemonade Day

Warm weather means lots of good things—but it also means more thirst! Quench it with one of the world’s most refreshing drinks, the ever-popular lemonade.

National Cartoonists Day

Take a walk down memory lane by revisiting the beloved, charming, often bizarre cartoons of your childhood like Calvin and Hobbes, or discover new ones.

International Midwives’ Day

Doctors and hospitals are a recent development for birthing. In the past, experienced women called midwives kept new mothers and babies safe during birth.

Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Day

They hold our gardening tools and extra storage, reflect our quirks, and often go unappreciated. Get outside and Hug a Shed…and Take a Selfie with it.


National Tourism Week

Embark on journeys that unfold stories, connecting cultures, creating memories, and weaving the tapestry of global exploration.

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National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

Join the thousands of volunteers around the world raising awareness about Cystic Fibrosis, a devastating disease affecting over 30,000 people in the US.

National Salad Month

Crisp, vibrant medleys of fresh greens, juicy tomatoes, and zesty vinaigrette — a refreshing burst of wholesome, natural flavors.

National Duckling Month

Savor the delicate richness of young waterfowl, a culinary delight embodying exquisite tenderness and nuanced flavors.

Older Americans Month

Honoring the wisdom and experience of seniors with events recognizing their contributions and enriching their lives.

National Stroke Awareness Month

Recognizing sudden signs, staying informed, and acting swiftly can save lives, fostering stroke awareness and prevention.

ALS Awareness Month

A condition affecting motor neurons, ALS challenges resilience, fostering community, advancing research, and supporting individuals.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Promoting sun safety encourages early detection, fostering community awareness about the risks and prevention of skin ailments.

No Meat May

Exploring a plant-based journey for a month, discovering vibrant flavors and embracing a mindful, eco-friendly lifestyle.

National Moving Month

Transitioning to a new place, embracing fresh beginnings, and creating a space filled with memories and possibilities.

National Walking Month

Strolling outdoors, enjoying nature's embrace, invigorating body and mind, walking offers a path to vitality.

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month

Navigating emotions, BPD awareness unveils a path to understanding, fostering empathy, and promoting mental health conversations.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month (US)

Shining a light on the battle within, advocating for understanding and support in the journey against neurological challenges.

National Barbecue Month

Gather your friends and neighbors together and grill up some tasty, smoky, ever-popular BBQ to welcome the warm weather. Try making your own BBQ sauce!

National Bike Month

Improve your health and the health of the entire planet by using National Bike Month to get back on that two-wheeled metaphorical horse and leave the car at home.

National Hamburger Month

Host a cookout, make your own hamburgers, try a new kind of burger, or even just visit your favorite classic fast food restaurant to treat yourself.

Better Sleep Month

Getting a solid night's rest by adopting simple bedtime habits can leave you feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

National Foster Care Month

A vital embrace of vulnerable hearts, offering shelter, nurturing hope, and weaving the future with threads of love and belonging.

National Photography Month

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so get out there and start taking snapshots of the beauty all around you, whether right at home or off in an exotic locale.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month

Educate yourself and others on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a hard-to-diagnose condition that may cause chronic pain, fragile skin, joint problems and more.

National Military Appreciation Month

Volunteer or donate to veteran causes, educate yourself on the history and state of the military, and thank a service member during Military Appreciation Month.

Better Speech and Language Month

Five percent of the world experiences hearing loss, and another five experiences speech problems, so take stock of your hearing and speech and get help if necessary.

National Deck Safety Month

Fix up your deck, look into any potential problems, or hire a professional to make sure that beloved outdoor space is safe and secure for years to come.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

About five percent of all cancers are bladder cancer, so educate yourself and others on the signs, symptoms, and treatments for this painful disease.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month

Prader-Willi Syndrome affects many children and families around the world, but can be hard to diagnose. Educate yourself on the symptoms and treatments.

Lupus Awareness Month

A life-threatening autoimmune disease, Lupus can have devastating effects, especially if undiagnosed and untreated, so learn the symptoms so you can act fast.

National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Nature lovers know that ticks can be a nuisance, but they can also be life-threatening carriers of Lyme disease. Know the symptoms and how to prevent it.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Get familiar with the history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US, or join an event to celebrate your heritage during Asian/Pacific Heritage Month.

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