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Every April 15th
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For anyone who might be feeling the urge to do something worthwhile or an itch to give back to the community, but who just can’t quite seem to get around to starting, then International Microvolunteering Day could be the answer.

Microvolunteering is a simple concept – individuals take convenient, bite-sized actions, often from home, in support of a good cause. This can be anything from writing a letter to an elderly hospital patient or tagging internet photos to help the visually impaired. International Microvolunteering Day aims to raise awareness of this kind of short, easy, active citizenship and encourage people to get on and get involved.

So, why not use International Microvolunteering Day to finally be that change you want to see, find a project you can support, and help make the world a better place – all from the comfort of your couch. Now that’s something worth volunteering for.

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