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For anyone who might be feeling the urge to do something worthwhile or an itch to give back to the community, but who just can’t quite seem to get around to starting, then International Microvolunteering Day could be the answer!

History of International Microvolunteering Day

Microvolunteering is a concept that has become more popular over the past 15 years or more. It seems that the term was first used in 2006 in the UK and found its way to Spain a few months later with the website domain name, “microvoluntarios”. The notion then made a splash in the cyber world in 2008 when it was submitted as an app for a public Google Android competition.

Since that time, microvolunteering has continued to grow and develop, taking on the momentum of a global force that encourages average people to spend just a few spare moments of their lives to help make a positive impact on the world around them.

The idea of microvolunteering is simple: individuals take convenient, bite-sized actions in support of a good cause and often perform their activities or service from home.

While some people might wonder exactly what they can do from home, there are all sorts of local, national and even international options for volunteering without having to leave the house. This could be anything from writing a letter to an elderly hospital patient or something along the lines of tagging internet photos to help the visually impaired.

International Microvolunteering Day got its start in 2014 when the Help From Home organization promoted the day. The hope was to raise awareness of this kind of short, easy, active citizenship and encourage people to get on and get involved. Dozens of organizations and thousands of volunteers have gotten involved with the day and it continues to grow as it is celebrated each year!

How to Celebrate National Microvolunteering Day

Why not use International Microvolunteering Day to finally be that change you want to see, find a project you can support, and help make the world a better place? And this can even be done all from the comfort of your own couch or home office. Now that’s something worth volunteering for!

Try out some of these ideas for getting started with celebrating International Microvolunteering Day:

Find Ways to Microvolunteer

In honor of International Microvolunteering Day, one good way to find opportunities for microvolunteering that fit a particular individual’s skill sets and time frame is to do a quick online search for the local area or a charitable organization you feel particularly connected to.

Some needs can only be filled locally and in person, like sorting recyclable materials, picking up and delivering donated goods, or managing a charitable fundraising event. Other projects can be done online or digitally, such as volunteering to design a logo, fill out a survey or translate a document into another language. It’s so simple!

Recruit Microvolunteers

Folks who are responsible for running a charitable organization or NGO (non-governmental organization) might want to consider creating opportunities for the global community to become microvolunteers. Get creative by making a website or web page and fill it with a list of opportunities and needs for the organization. It’s best if the tasks involved can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less and can use the skills the person already has rather than requiring any extra training.

Check Out UN Volunteering Opportunities

Those who want to get involved with worldwide opportunities on International Microvolunteering Day may want to check out the Unified Volunteering Platform offered by the United Nations. With the tagline “We are inspiration in action”, the volunteers arm of the UN has plenty of ways for folks to get connected and involved. This is an AI generated platform that connects organizations with individuals who can perform the services that they need on a volunteer basis.

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