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Fri 3rd Mar, 2017 will be...


3rd Mar each year

It remains unclear who proclaimed Mulled Wine Day, but this hot beverage deserves to be celebrated for its global popularity. We can thank the ancient Romans for having spread the recipe across their colonies. Just like modern-day Italians, their ancestors couldn’t stand average quality wines, so they invented mulled wine as an efficient way to make unremarkable wine tastier and more aromatic.

You can order it in bars during cold season as glühwein in Germany, vin chaud in France, glögg in Sweden – it goes by a number of names in other cultures too. The characteristic fragrance breaks all language barriers.

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to go out, enjoy a chilly evening walk with friends and then stop at a bar or pub serving mulled wine. It’ll blush your cheeks and lift your spirits. If you enjoy the cold weather only from the other side of the window, throw a mulled wine party at home as this tasty treat is so easy to prepare!

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