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Cats can make incredible companions and pets, offering friendship, emotional regulation, and even improvement of both physical and mental health. Sadly, each year in the United States, more than 3 million cats enter into a shelter, and many of them are not adopted into homes that will love and care for them. 

National Adopt a Cat Month seeks to save the lives of felines across the nation by encouraging more families and individuals to adopt cats into their homes!

History of National Adopt a Cat Month

This event was founded by the American Humane Association in 1998, when it dedicated the entire month to focus on feline adoption awareness. Since then, National Adopt a Cat has grown in size and scope, with more shelters opting to participate and a larger amount of national recognition. By 2018, different celebrities began standing up in support of this event with their endorsements for the practice of rescuing animals.

Some famous people who have given their names in support of cat adoption have included actress Sandra Bullock, UK Queen Consort Camilla, television personality Whoopi Goldberg, pop-star musician Ed Sheeran and many others.

National Adopt a Cat Month seeks to bring attention to and raise awareness about the way that families and felines can symbiotically meet each others’ needs through the process of pet adoption.

How to Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month

Get on board and raise awareness about National Adopt a Cat Month by celebrating with some of these ideas:

Learn More About Cat Adoption

One of the most important points about pet adoption is remembering that a pet is a forever family member. That means going into the adoption process with eyes wide open, educated and informed about what to expect socially, financially, emotionally and more. A pet is a big responsibility so, in honor of National Adopt a Cat Month, it is important to consider many factors and questions before adoption, including some of these:

  • Is the cat spayed or neutered?
  • How much will a cat cost (including food, litter, vet bills, etc.)?
  • Am I ready for a long-term commitment (some cats can live up to 20 years)?
  • Is your home cat friendly? Will it fit with other pets or family members?

Answering these and other important questions ahead of time will allow the transition for cats and their owners to adjust while understanding what to expect from the process.

Support a Cat Shelter or Charity

People who determine that bringing a new cat home is not for them at this point in their lives can still participate in National Adopt a Cat Month. Many different charitable organizations work hard to rescue cats that are feral or homeless, providing a safe place to make them adoptable to a new family. But these services require financial support. Consider supporting a local charity with a donation in honor of this event, or check out one of these supportive non-profit organizations:

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