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Taking care of kids can be a tough job! Whether for a couple of hours after school or so the parents can get a weekend away, playing a caregiver who isn’t the parent can be a challenging role at times. But it can also be a lot of fun.

Historically, this has been an especially great way for young teens to learn skills and get some experience in babysitting, while earning a little bit of pocket money too. And showing appreciation for these folks is the inspiration behind National Babysitter’s Day!

History of National Babysitter’s Day

In today’s busy world, it can sometimes be difficult to find someone who is responsible, careful and available to watch the kids when needed. And to find a babysitter the kids actually like can be even more of a challenge! So for those who have been able to find a quality babysitter that they enjoy, this is the time to realize what a prize they are and show them how much they are appreciated!

Founded in 2003 by a company called Safety Whys, National Babysitter’s Day offers an opportunity to recognize the importance of quality care for children. Safety Whys focuses on providing babysitters with training and qualifications, from first aid to CPR to managing emergencies, babysitters can get access to necessary skills and certifications so every child gets the best possible care.

For at least two decades, National Babysitter’s Day has been growing in popularity and is celebrated annually as a rolling holiday, on the Saturday before Mother’s Day (in the US), which falls on the second Sunday in May.

How to Celebrate National Babysitter’s Day

Participate in National Babysitter’s Day by joining in on the celebration with some of these activities and ideas:

Thank a Babysitter

Whether it’s a person who takes care of children every day for a fee or a teen in the neighborhood who babysits on occasion, National Babysitter’s Day serves as an ideal reminder to show appreciation! Say thank you to your babysitter on this day, perhaps getting them a card or even a little gift to show them how much their care for the children is deeply appreciated.

Get Trained as a Babysitter

Although it is possible to simply sit with kids without any training, the best babysitters will be able to care for the children better when they have certain qualifications. Local community centers or the Chamber of Commerce might be a good place to take a training course, perhaps for basic babysitting and safety skills or anaphylaxis training (when caring for children with severe allergies).

Read the Baby-Sitters Club Books

This series of more than 200 books was first made popular in the mid-1980s and continued publication through 2000. Entertaining, comedic and even sometimes mysterious, the idea for the books was created by Ann M. Martin and was then carried on by other authors. This nostalgic children’s book series was made into a film in 1995 (starring Rachael Leigh Cook) and eventually became a Netflix series in 2020.

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