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Approximately three million black-owned businesses in the United States are working hard to build into their local communities and nationwide. National Black Business Month is here to shine a light of appreciation on them! 

History of National Black Business Month

Getting its start in 2004, this annual event was established in partnership between an engineering entrepreneur and an executive editor of a publishing company to highlight and empower black business owners all over the country. National Black Business Month was founded with the purpose of showing appreciation for and supporting businesses, whether local or national, that are run and owned by people in the black community.

Because black business owners are often underrepresented, this month-long event provides an opportunity to focus a bit more on their contributions. From identifying and showing respect for the legacy they offer as well as encouraging wealth-building for black business owners for the future, this is a great time to make a difference.

In recent years, black-owned businesses have been on the rise in a number of sectors and industries including social work, health care, restaurants, beauty and more. Washington DC sits at the top of cities with high percentages of black owned businesses, followed by New York and Chicago.

National Black Business Month seeks to support those who are already running these businesses while encouraging others to consider starting their own black owned companies.

How to Celebrate National Black Business Month

Show some support and make an impact by celebrating National Black Business Month with a few ideas and plans:

Promote Black Businesses

An excellent way for local community members to show support during National Black Business Month is to consider doing business with more companies owned by black people. This might mean trying out a new black-owned restaurant in the local area or it could be changing certain online buying habits to support black-owned brands. Don’t forget to tag a favorite black-owned business in social media posts to spread the word in support.

From cosmetics to clothing and textiles, from books to financial products, black owned businesses can be found all over the nation, offering their unique take on products and services that meet the needs of their customers and communities, whether in person or online. 

Start a Black Business

Folks who are considering whether to take a step forward and start a business might find Black Business Month to be the perfect motivator. Begin by doing some homework and reaching out to other black business owners in a similar sector to get their input, advice and support. Some statistics in recent years have shown that businesses owned by black women are particularly on the rise, at a faster rate than any other demographic in the US.

Other events along these lines that can be celebrated throughout the year include National Black History Month in February, Black Love Day on February 13, and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21.   

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