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Books offer people the opportunity to engage their imaginations, learn about new subjects and experience adventures and create treasured memories! 

According to research, over the years there has been a decline of children who read for fun. This is no surprise with access to television, the internet, online gaming and so many other activities that draw kids in. But reading activates the brain in unique and beneficial ways that are needed not only by children but by people of all ages.

National Book Month is here to advocate for reading and shine a spotlight on books in various categories including fiction, young adult (YA) literature, nonfiction, poetry, and translated literature.

History of National Book Month

National Book Month got its start more than 20 years ago when it was founded in 2003 by the National Book Foundation (NBF). But this collective of people behind National Book Month can be traced back even further, to the late 1980s when the NBF was founded, and even longer to the 1950s when the National Book Awards were established.

The purpose behind National Book Month is simply to draw attention to and point a special focus on the vital part that books play in the lives of humans all over the world. In addition to being celebrated by the National Book Foundation, events are held all month long throughout the country by avid book appreciators including schools and universities, public libraries, community book clubs, local bookstores, and so many others!

How to Celebrate National Book Month

Whether on your own or getting a few people involved, National Book Month is a great time to reconnect with the written word printed on an actual page! Check out some of these ideas for celebrating:

Read a Book

Whether grabbing an old favorite off the shelf or picking up something new, celebrating National Book Month is easy, because it just requires reading a book. Check one out from the library for free, pick one up at a used bookstore for a discounted price, or purchase a new copy to support a local bookstore owner. However it is acquired, set aside a little time for the brain to simply find some joy in reading!

Host National Book Month Activities

Get involved with National Book Month in a number of ways by connecting with the community. Teachers and school administrators might choose to create hype and encourage children to read through various activities sponsored by the school library or local public library. Parents of school-aged kids can take their kids to the library to get them signed up for their own library cards. Other community leaders can work in partnership with local bookstores or libraries to make a big deal out of National Book Month with free events and activities.

Start a Book Club

Dive deeper into a book and see what others think about it too by starting a book club during National Book Month. As the weather turns colder, it’s an ideal opportunity to invite a few friends to enjoy a book and come together weekly to discuss what has been read.

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