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As a critical position in the game of baseball and softball, the catcher is the person who plays a critical role while crouching behind the home plate. Working closely with the pitcher, the catcher provides an important target for the pitcher to aim at, receiving the balls the batter misses as well as preparing to catch any foul balls that pop off in the area. They also act as a leader in the field because they have an excellent view of the entire area.

National Catchers Day is here to commemorate the folks who play this important role in the game and show some appreciation for them!

History of National Catchers Day

When catchers first started in the game of baseball, they used to stand very far away from the batter – sometimes up to 25 feet, and they didn’t have any protective gear. Since the evolution of the baseball game, catchers are now positioned right near the home plate where the action is, with many more defensive responsibilities in the game. This position allows pitchers to use faster and more tricky pitches, such as the curveball, spitball, knuckleball and many others.

Founded in 2019 by Xan Barksdale, National Catchers Day is meant to shine a light on this foundational position in the life of baseball and softball, showing some appreciation for all who spend time right behind home plate!

How to Celebrate National Catchers Day

Give some hard-earned praise and attention to a special baseball or softball player in honor of National Catchers Day. Get started celebrating the day with some of these ideas:

Say Thank You to a Catcher

Those who are supporters and fans of a catcher, or who know one personally, can celebrate National Catchers Day by showing some thanks and appreciation. Other baseball or softball players can say a special thank-you to the catchers of the team who support and lead the team, all at the sacrifice of their knees as they squat behind the plate! Share a pic of a favorite catcher on social media to raise awareness for this important day in the life of baseball and softball.

Learn About Famous Catchers

Get connected with National Catchers Day and celebrate by learning a bit more about some of the world’s most famous baseball catchers. Don’t forget to share online to raise awareness for the day. Check out some of these famous catchers:

  • Johnny Bench

    Perhaps one of the most famous catchers of all time, Bench was most famous for playing for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967-1983.

  • Yogi Berra

    Playing 19 seasons in the MLB, all but the last for the New York Yankees, Berra is famous as a catcher and also as a manager and coach.

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Sometimes called “I-Rod” or “Pudge”, this Puerto Rican catcher is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame for his work in the MLB from 1991-2011.

Searching for other exciting ways to get involved with days that are connected with baseball or softball? Check out National Spalding Baseball Day in September, National Little League Baseball Week in June or World Softball Day on June 13.

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