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Every June 13th
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June 13, 1991
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International Softball Federation (ISF) President Don Porter
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Softball is an amazing sport and deserves all the recognition and enthusiasm of baseball. After all, it’s so much harder to make a softball leave a mark when you peg a batter who richly deserves it with one.

If you love a fast-paced game you can play indoors and gives you all the thrill and excitement of baseball; then it’s time to check out Softball. Softball is a much-maligned variation of baseball that has an exciting history and just as fierce a spirit of competition as the more famous baseball. If you know and love this game and its storied past, then World Softball Day is for you.

History of World Softball Day

Softball was not invented, as many suspect, to create an easier version of Baseball intended for youth and women to play, but instead was created so that the great sport of baseball could be brought indoors and enjoyed all year round. This misconception, combined with the idea that the game is in any way easier and less competitive than its hardball cousin is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the game. Yes, the ball used in softball used to BE soft, hence the name, but there’s far more to it than that.

Due to the nature of the game, the runner has less time to get to first base, or in fact to any of the plates, due to the overall diamond and field being far smaller. Additionally, there is less time for the ball to GET to first base for much the same reason, so the difficulty level for both the runner and the opposing team are both increased, and that’s just one way everything is ramped up when you reduce the field. Softball comes in three variations, and if you’re interested, we encourage you to look into them and learn more about this great game.

How to celebrate World Softball Day

Speaking of learning more about this great game, that’s a perfect way to spend your World Softball Day, followed up by getting a group of friends together for a game. World Softball Day is a great chance to get out into the world and participate in a sport many of us haven’t played since we were kids. For many of us, it will be the only time this year that we get outside and play a game with our friends. Whether you’re doing it for bonding, nostalgia, or to find out what it’s all about, get out and play a game of softball on World Softball Day.