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If life is just a bowl of cherries, then those cherries can – and should – be used to make a delicious treat in celebration of National Cherry Cobbler Day! 

History of National Cherry Cobbler Day

Though the exact origins of Cherry Cobbler are unclear, it seems to be a dessert that was created by British colonists in what would eventually become the United States. Likely, the recipe came about because the Brits didn’t have access to all of the cooking equipment and ingredients they would have used for their puddings and desserts, so they improvised. And the result was this simple and delicious treat that dates back to the early 1800s.

National Cherry Cobbler Day was established to show appreciation for this simple yet delicious baked treat that has been enjoyed by so many families in the US and throughout the world!

How to Celebrate National Cherry Cobbler Day

Enjoy the observance of National Cherry Cobbler Day in a variety of fun ways, including some of these:

Make Some Cherry Cobbler

Those who are experts in the kitchen know that Cherry Cobbler really isn’t that difficult of a dish to prepare and bake. And for those who have never made it before, what could be a better time than National Cherry Cobbler Day to try a new culinary adventure?!

Starting with fresh cherries is fabulous, of course, but certainly a recipe using a can of cherry pie filling can cut down on time in the kitchen. Make a crust from flour, butter, sugar, baking powder and milk. Pour the batter into a baking dish and then pour the cherry pie filling over the top. Bake, top with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Pro Tip: For those who are in a hurry and want an even easier hack for cheating, Cherry Cobbler can be made using refrigerated biscuit dough that is baked with cherry pie filling. Easy peasy!

Visit the Cherry Capital of the World

To truly celebrate Cherry Cobbler, as well as an enormous variety of other items made from cherries, head on over to Traverse City, Michigan. Known as the Cherry Capital of the World, this would be a perfect place to learn more about cherries and experience them in a myriad of ways.

The National Cherry Festival takes place in July, so perhaps this would be just the right motivation to make plans to visit during the festival or another time throughout the summer. Visitors come to this city, located in Grand Traverse Bay in the northwestern part of the state of Michigan, to celebrate the cherry tree, its blossoms and its delicious fruit.

Make a Cheery, Cherry Songs Playlist

Listen to some fun songs by making a playlist in honor of National Cherry Cobbler Day. Try some of these cherry themed songs to get started:

  • Cherry by Harry Styles (2019)
  • Cherry Bomb by John Mellencamp (1987)
  • Cherry, Cherry by Neil Diamond (1966)
  • Cherry Oh Baby by The Rolling Stones (1976)

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