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Life can be so colorful and crayons are just one of the many ways that children can express themselves through art and colors. Many families love to go to restaurants that offer their children crayons to entertain themselves and create some art while waiting for their meal. 

But often these crayons are only gently used and the restaurants end up throwing them away while they are still perfectly usable. Crayon Collection Month is here to offer a helpful, sustainable solution to the problem of used crayons that can help make the world a slightly better place for so many people!

History of National Crayon Collection Month

National Crayon Collection Month started in 2016 and was the idea of Sheila Morovati, the founder of a non-profit organization called Crayon Collection. The scheme behind the event is to keep tons of crayons from ending up in landfills – since they don’t biodegrade. In addition, this collection event also creates an opportunity to provide local schools with these sweet little supplies that teachers can use as they educate the kids in their community.

In addition to collecting gently used crayons from the restaurants all over the nation that have them, National Crayon Collection Month is also an opportunity to involve the community in packaging and re-distributing them to the places where they are needed.

When the crayons are packaged, with them is included a note of kindness as well as access to free art lessons. It’s one way that something so small as a few crayons can become a big deal to a wide range of teachers and students. The Crayon Collection organization’s website offers more resources and information for schools, restaurants, teachers, community volunteers and more. 

How to Celebrate National Crayon Collection Month

Show some love for kids, art and the planet all at once by getting involved with National Crayon Collection Month! Check out some of these ideas to get started:

Host a Crayon Drive

Get connected with the Crayon Collection organization to find out if there are restaurants or other businesses in the local area that can be contacted and included in National Crayon Collection Month. Go along with the theme “Collect – Contribute – Create”, to conduct personal outreach, inviting various people to get involved with donation, sorting, and delivering these crayons to the kids who need them most.

Those who don’t have the time or resources to get involved with a crayon drive can still help by making a financial donation to support the efforts of this non-profit organization in honor of National Crayon Collection Month.

Become a Crayon Collection Ambassador

In addition to holding crayon drives, ambassadors can act as community liaisons in a variety of ways. These ambassadors can contact Title 1 schools or Head Start centers that may be in need of extra crayons. In addition, they can go about making connections with community centers, churches, restaurants and other businesses that would want to be involved in the program. This could be an excellent way to build bridges in the community and National Crayon Collection Month is the perfect time to get motivated!

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