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The best music I have ever heard is the sound of my daughter’s giggling.

Deasish Mridha

From the moment they are born, a tiny and delicate daughter can capture the hearts of her mother and father. And as she grows, their love for her grows as well. National Daughters Day is set aside to pay special attention to the love for and appreciation of daughters.

History of National Daughters Day

Daughters go back literally all the way to the beginning of time! They can be beloved by their mothers and can be the apple of their father’s eyes. Mothers and daughters can sometimes have complicated relationships but, all in all, daughters are a delight and they make the world a better place.

National Daughters Day began in India and was first celebrated in 2007. In a culture where sons have been revered for hundreds of years but daughters have often taken a backseat, this day was created to encourage parents to show appreciation to their daughters.

As gender imbalance feels especially heavy and, in some cultures, daughters are thought of as a burden instead of a blessing, it is important to remind mothers and fathers what an amazing gift their daughters are – no matter how young or old.

Archies Ltd, a greeting card company based in New Delhi, India, founded the day and dedicated it to daughters everywhere, to act as a catalyst for culture change. Since then, the day has grown not only throughout India but all over the world.

On National Daughters Day, millions of people take to social media to share photos of their daughters and send messages to show their affection and appreciation for their daughters.

Even people who don’t necessarily have a daughter of their own can get involved with National Daughters Day, whether they have a niece, a neighbor or simply a younger woman friend who feels like a daughter to them. It’s a lovely day for women all over the world to feel great about how much they are cared for and appreciated for the amazing people they are.

National Daughter Day Timeline


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is founded 

With membership limited to direct descendants of soldiers and others who were part of the Revolutionary War, this society focuses on the study of US history and the preservation of Americana.[1]


Coal Miner’s Daughter film is released 

Based loosely on the life story of singer Loretta Lynn, this movie features the rags to riches story of one of the 1960s/70s favorite country music stars.[2]


Pearl Jam song “Daughter” premiers

Sung by front man Eddie Vedder, and first performed at a Neil Young benefit concert, “Daughter” deals with the difficult subject of mental illness and trauma.[3]


First National Daughters Day is celebrated 

Started by a greeting card company in India, Archies Ltd, National Daughters Day is started to reframe gender imbalance by encouraging people to appreciate their daughters and not just their sons.[4]


Band Daughter makes its debut 

This London indie folk trio is made up of an English singer, French drummer and Swiss guitarist.[5]

How to Celebrate National Daughters Day

Celebrating National Daughters Day comes with all sorts of creative ideas for enjoyment and appreciation of daughters. Try out some of these fun ideas:

Take Your Daughter to Lunch or Dinner

Spending time with an adult daughter is the ideal way to celebrate her on this day. Even if it’s just inviting her over for a simple lunch or a cup of coffee with cake, it’s easy to ask her how she is doing, listen to her, and remind her of the ways she is loved and admired. Tell her how proud you are of her and make a conscious effort to name the ways you respect and appreciate her.

Send a Card or Call Your Daughter

For those who have daughters who are far away and can’t visit them, be sure to give them a phone call to tell them how much they are appreciated. The most important thing is to connect with her on this day however it’s possible.

Maybe this would be a nice time to send your daughter a little card or a small gift through the mail to remind them that they are loved and thought of on National Daughters Day. Or for those who want to give a special treat, tuck a little extra into the envelope in the form of a gift card for a massage or her favorite bakery.

Arrange a Mother-Daughter or Father-Daughter Date

Those with younger children can often get caught up in the chaos of raising kids and miss out on the simple pleasures of just enjoying one another. National Daughters Day is a great way to take a young daughter, whether a toddler, school-aged girl or high-schooler, out on a special date with one of her parents.

Arrange to have a tea party, take a hike together, go camping, go to her favorite park to play a sport she likes, or enjoy a museum. Simply make her feel special and appreciated by spending time with her. Whatever your daughter loves most, she’ll especially love doing it with her mom or dad on National Daughters Day!

Create a Playlist for Your Daughter

Even if you don’t share exactly the same taste in music, National Daughters Day is a great way to show your daughter how much you love her through a compilation of songs. Make a playlist on Spotify or another online platform, or go old school and burn her a CD!

Whatever the music format, choose songs from the heart that make you think of her, like some of these:

  • In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride (2003). A heartfelt country music song from the voice of a mother who wants to live up to the way her daughter sees her.
  • Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder (1976). Written after the birth of his daughter, Stevie Wonder sings this song that starts with the actual cry of a newborn baby.
  • Daddy’s Little Girl by Michael Bublé (2002). With the jazzy vibes that only Michael Bublé can bring, this song is a classic that dates back as far as the 1960s and shows the adoration of a father for his daughter.
  • I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack (2000). With its country style vibes, anyone can enjoy listening to this song as it might be sung by a mother who wishes the best for her daughter.

Take a Getaway Trip with Your Daughter

Whether she’s young or old, a trip away with your daughter can be a special treat! Maybe it’s that two-week trip to Europe she’s been longing for all her life. Or a quick weekend away to dip toes into the ocean and lie on some white sandy beaches. Or perhaps there’s a nearby feature of interest, like a mountain to hike or a city she’s always wanted to visit.

Whatever the situation, whether a simple road trip or the pinnacle vacation of a lifetime, take some time to plan ahead and get ready to make some memories with her for National Daughters Day!

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