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Caused by genetics that include a “defect” in the cheek muscle, it is estimated that only 20-30% of the human population has dimples on their face, and it’s even more rare to have a dimple on only one cheek. National Dimples Day is here to celebrate and show some love for these small, unique indentations that add a fascinating element to the landscape of a face!

History of National Dimples Day

This day was founded in 2022 to celebrate and give attention to those little indentations that make a person a bit more unique, whether on the cheeks or in the form of a cleft chin (a.k.a “butt chin”). This can also include back dimples, which are sometimes called “dimples of Venus” and have often been considered a sign of beauty.

National Dimples Day is here to celebrate all of the types of dimples and the people who have them. Founder and Chief Dimples Officer for the day, Graceful Grady, was motivated to start the day through a simple inquiry and then decided to spread the word along with a little bit of fun.

Whether those dimples show all the time, or just when smiling, National Dimples Day is the perfect time to show them off with a cute little grin!

How to Celebrate National Dimples Day

This day can be celebrated by those who have dimples, those who love someone with dimples, or those who wish they had them! Get on board with National Dimples Day using some of these ideas:

Represent with National Dimples Day Swag

Looking for some ways to show pride in dimples and share the passion with others? The day’s website makes it easy for anyone to grab some merch like t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and other goodies with various logos and graphics supporting the plight of the dimple. Wear them in honor of National Dimples Day to show support.

Consider Famous People with Dimples

One excellent way to show some love and appreciation for National Dimples Day might be to think about some celebrities who have dimples. If they are actors, it’s even better because then the day could be spent watching shows or movies they are in, showing off their dimples on the big screen!

Check out some of these people with dimples to get inspiration for the day:

  • Carey Mulligan. A British actress has dimples in both cheeks but that hasn’t kept her from starring in serious roles like An Education or The Great Gatsby.
  • Mario Lopez. This Mexican American actor who is probably best known for his teen appearances in Saved By the Bell has some very prominent dimples.
  • Jennifer Garner. She’s well-known for her movie roles as well as playing Sydney Bristow for five years on the hit television show, Alias. Garner says she passed her dimples on to her daughter.
  • Queen Latifah. This singer, rapper and actress, who was born Dana Elaine Owens, has been wowing the world with her dimpled smile for more than thirty years.

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