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True love is a chicken sandwich that makes you feel full, whole and taken care of.

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Both sandwiches and fried chicken have been around for centuries, but making the chicken boneless and putting it on a bun is certainly a notable and delicious way to change the experience.

National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day is here to celebrate and pay heed to this delicious food that feels deeply American!

History of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

Though it was not created in the southern parts of the United States, fried chicken has certainly become a part of the culture when it comes to southern, down home, country cooking. The deliciousness of the breading combined with the yumminess of a bun or a biscuit makes the fried chicken sandwich something worth celebrating!

Claiming that they invented the chicken sandwich in the 1940s, Chick-fil-A, which is an Atlanta-based fast food restaurant founded by Samuel Truett Cathy, was probably the first to put a fried chicken sandwich on a fast food menu. And certainly that is no small thing as fast food was mostly filled with burgers and fries at the time.

Slowly and without a lot of fanfare, the 1980s and 90s brought the chicken sandwich to Burger King, McDonald’s, and Kentucky. But just a few decades later, the competition has gotten fierce and fried chicken sandwiches have become all the rage in fast food.

In fact, during the so-called “Chicken Sandwich Wars” of summer 2019, Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A had a rather large rivalry on Twitter, resulting in shortages and lines of people out the door waiting to try the new Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich. Even Taco Bell took its turn at introducing a chicken sandwich, which seems like quite a stretch!

But no matter if it is served at a fast food place like McDonald’s or at a casual sit-down dining place such as TGI Fridays or Applebee’s, National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy this delicious dish and celebrate!

National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day Timeline


First Fried Chicken recipe is published 

Hannah Glass, an English cookery writer, publishes her recipe for fried chicken in The Art of Cookery Made Easy.[1]


Earl of Sandwich requests convenience food

To avoid leaving the gambling table, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, asks the cook to make something easy to eat and he becomes its namesake.[2]


First Fried Chicken Sandwich at a Fast Food Joint

S. Truett Cathy, owner of Chick-fil-A, places a chicken breast in a bun and serves the first fast food chicken sandwich.[3]


McDonald’s debuts the McChicken

A disappointment at first, the McChicken is taken away in lieu of McNuggets and then brought back again in 1988.[4]


America’s Chicken Sandwich Wars begin

A summertime release of Popeye’s new fried chicken sandwich turns into a social media frenzy between Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A, leaving lines out the door at Popeye’s.[5]

How to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

Getting involved with National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day is really no problem. In fact, it’s a delicious day that everyone who wants to can celebrate. Though its origins are probably in the US, it can certainly be enjoyed all over the world. All it takes is some chicken and a bun!

Consider some of these ideas for enjoying National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day:

Enjoy Eating a Fried Chicken Sandwich

Head over to one of the restaurants mentioned above, like Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King and enjoy a fried chicken sandwich from the menu. And because it is National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, don’t forget to ask at the counter about any special deals or discounts that might be offered in honor of the day.

Make Fried Chicken Sandwiches for Family and Friends

For those people who enjoy cooking, this would be a fun day to celebrate a classic American dish by whipping up a delicious recipe in the kitchen! Invite a few friends over for a National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day gathering and get cooking!

Making these sandwiches is actually not that difficult. Start with some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and make a breading for them out of buttermilk, eggs, flour and spices. Then deep fry the chicken until done in the middle and golden brown on the outside.

Place the chicken on a tasty buttered bun and add condiments such as pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, barbecue sauce or honey mustard. Some people even like to add bacon or a fried onion ring on top. Make it fun and adventurous in honor of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day!

Try a Chick-fil-A Copycat Recipe

For those who want to get that juicy chicken sandwich flavor but find it difficult with just plain chicken breasts, perhaps try the “secret” recipe used by Chick-fil-A. They soak their chicken ahead of time in a marinade of pickle juice and refrigerate it that way for at least 30 minutes. It turns the chicken into something super juicy, without it tasting like pickles!

Consider Others’ Opinions About Fried Chicken Sandwiches

According to a recent poll, Americans have strong opinions about the Fried Chicken Sandwich! In celebration of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, take a look at some of these interesting responses to a national survey that was given on the topic.

  • The biggest preference for sauces on chicken sandwiches is either no sauces (16%), barbecue sauce only (15%) or ranch dressing (12%).
  • Despite the increase in popularity of Popeye’s during the Chicken Sandwich Wars, Chick-fil-A remains America’s number one chicken chain.
  • 50% of Americans say they love fried chicken sandwiches, and 16% said they would marry one!
  • A whopping 71% of Americans surveyed say they eat a fried chicken sandwich at least once every two weeks or so. Wow!

Perform a National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day Taste Test

Since the Chicken Sandwich Wars started, some people have been wondering what all of the hype is about, particularly when it comes down to Chick-fil-A vs. Popeye’s. So it seems like this would be a great time to find out!

One easy way to make a side-by-side determination of the better fried chicken sandwich might be to have them both delivered, whether at home or at work. Choose a food delivery service like GrubHub or Uber Eats and make an order from both places to have them delivered at a similar time.

Put them next to one another and judge them by the way they look as well as the way they taste. It’s your own personal version of the Chicken Sandwich Wars!

Take a Foodie Tour

All of the food holidays offer cool opportunities to celebrate, and National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day is no exception. Perhaps this would be a good time to go on that tour of a local restaurant you’ve been talking about. Even better, turn it into a road trip and head over to Atlanta, Georgia to take a tour of the Chick-fil-A headquarters.

National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day FAQs

Who has the best Fried Chicken Sandwich?

It’s subjective, of course, but many people love the Chik-fil-A sandwich while others think Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich is better![1]

What to serve with a Fried Chicken Sandwich?

Mac and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, fries, and mashed potatoes are all great ideas for serving with a fried chicken sandwich.

Are Fried Chicken Sandwiches healthy?

Unfortunately, because they are high in trans fats and sodium, a fried chicken sandwich should be a special treat instead of part of a regular diet.[2]

How to make a Fried Chicken Sandwich?

Making a fried chicken sandwich is fairly easy. Simply place a chicken breast in batter, fry it up and place it on a bun!

Who invented the Fried Chicken Sandwich?

S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A takes credit for inventing the fried chicken sandwich in Atlanta, Georgia in 1964.[3]

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