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7th Mar each year

The name ‘Crown Roast of Pork’ refers to a dish made by placing two sets of pork ribs on their sides with the bones pointing upward and arranging them into a circle. This makes the ribs resemble the pointy bits on a crown. Though it looks odd if you haven’t had it before, it can be quite an impressive dish! The origins of Crown Roast of Pork Day are unfortunately unknown.

Celebrate by making the dish and serving it to your family or friends! To make a Crown Roast of Pork, you’ll need to gently slice part-way through the meat after every two or three bones, otherwise the meat won’t bend into a circle. You’ll also have to tie it together with string. The middle of the dish will be empty, so you may want to stuff it or place your potatoes or vegetables there for serving.

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