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Being ill is no fun for anyone, but it is especially challenging for a child. And when a child is diagnosed with a medical condition that is chronic or incurable, it can bring so many difficulties for the lives of the entire family. National Give a Bunch of Balloons Day seeks to make a small difference and bring a little bit of encouragement to the lives of these families. 

History of National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month

This event was first celebrated in 2019 when it began as the creative idea of Wanda Carter Roush, an author at Ella’s Pearl Publishing. The purpose behind the day was to create a special opportunity to show affection for and celebrate children whose lives are very difficult due to incurable medical conditions. The hope for the day is that many people will spread joy, cheer and delight to children on this day, not only by giving a bunch of balloons but exercising acts of kindness in all sorts of interesting ways.

Give a Bunch of Balloons Day offers a small reason for children to smile, in between their struggles with doctor visits, medical treatments, hospital stays and more. Let a child and their families know they are thought of and cared for, especially during this month but anytime throughout the year!

How to Celebrate National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month

Take a moment to go the extra mile and show a child and their family how much they are cared for by celebrating National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month with some of these ideas:

Give a Bunch of Balloons

Raise the spirits of a child and put a smile on their face for at least a moment by bringing them a bunch of balloons when they are in the hospital, feeling unwell at home, or ‘just because’. Of course, National Give a Bunch of Balloons Day can be about much more than balloons!

Stuffed animals, building block toys, coloring books with a new box of crayons, Play-Doh and many other gifts (perhaps with a balloon attached) can make a stay in the hospital or a sick time at home a bit more tolerable and fun. And also ask about making arrangements to bring a home-cooked, nutritious meal to take the pressure off the parents while their child is unwell.

Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

Contact the local hospital that serves children and find out about the different opportunities to serve children and their families in a volunteer capacity. This might mean running a library at the hospital, bringing special pets to visit the children, staffing the gift shop, raising funds, acting as a greeter for new families and much more. Ronald McDonald House is another opportunity where volunteers are needed to support families of children who have medical conditions. National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month could act as a motivator to make life a bit easier for these children and their families. 

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