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Go nuts and enjoy some delicious cake too by getting on board with celebrating National Hazelnut Cake Day! 

History of National Hazelnut Cake Day

Also known as the filbert or cobnut, the hazelnut has a history that dates back thousands of years. In fact, recently discovered evidence of hazelnut processing dating back to around 7000 BC was found in Scotland. With myth and lore in ancient Greek and Roman writings, hazelnuts are revered for their nutritional impact as well as for their healing power.

The hazelnut grows as a fruit on the tree and the nuts are typically produced in clusters of between one and five nuts. Harvested in the middle of autumn, hazelnuts have a cream colored kernel that tastes somewhat sweet, especially after the bitter brown skin is removed.

Hazelnuts are popular and can be grown all over the world, especially in countries like Turkey, Italy and Chile. Most of the hazelnuts in the United States are grown in the state of Oregon and a large percentage of the hazelnuts produced around the world are used by the Ferrero company, who makes Nutella hazelnut spread as well as Ferrero Rocher candies.

But one of the most exciting things that hazelnuts can be used for is when they are made into cakes!

How to Celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day

Celebrate the delicious National Hazelnut Cake Day with some of these tasty ideas:

Enjoy Baking a Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut cake can be made in a number of ways, but one of the best ways to go about it is to use some hazelnut flour along with the regular all purpose or cake flour options. The rest of the ingredients are the same as a normal cake recipe, including eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla, and a few other items.

But the real kicker comes when a hazelnut buttercream frosting is added to the mix. With butter, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, hazelnut flour and some other ingredients, the flavor of the hazelnut cake is taken to a higher level with the addition of this frosting. Don’t forget to share in honor of National Hazelnut Cake Day!

Not feeling much up for baking? Check with a local bakery in advance to find out if they will have any special dessert options going in honor of National Hazelnut Cake Day.

Learn Some Fun Facts About Hazelnuts

The hazelnut is a nut that many people don’t really know a lot about. Learn a little bit more about this interesting nut and share some bits of trivia to raise awareness for the celebration of National Hazelnut Day. Get started with some of these:

  • In 1989, the hazelnut was declared the official nut of the state of Oregon.

  • Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, dietary fiber and folate.

  • There are hundreds of varieties of hazelnuts produced throughout the world, and 70% of them come from Turkey.

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