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Systems administrators keep organizations, companies and people moving smoothly throughout the world of information technology. Without them, the world of computers would be a huge mess! 

The role of systems administrators has been evolving over the years, with the job starting and changing along with the development of computers and technology. In fact, their job can be extremely fast-paced and ever-changing. In addition to creating and setting up computer systems and networks for organizations, SysAdmin workers also troubleshoot and maintain the information technology networks.

And, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of systems administration can expect to increase by at least 4-5% over the next several years, which means there will continue to be more of these folks to appreciate!

History of National System Administrator Appreciation Day

National System Administrator Appreciation Day is an international celebration of system admins across the globe. This day acts as an official recognition of geekdom and of the time and effort these device-doctors and tech-therapists sacrifice as they work their magic, often at the most unsocial of hours. Also known as SysAdmin Day, this day is set aside to show appreciation for system administrators as well as other IT workers.

Typical of his trade, Ted Kekatos altruistically claimed the last Friday in July as the day that his global techie team should be recognized for the irreplaceable, printer-proficient, gadget-genius, digital-dexterous, software-savvy, computer crackerjacks and widget whizzes that they are!

The day got its start in the year 2000, when Kekatos was inspired by a Hewlett Packard advertisement in a magazine. The ad featured a systems administrator who was receiving flowers and gifts in appreciation for installing a printer. Kekatos realized that this was an all-too rare occurrence, so he started National System Administrator Appreciation Day to create better opportunities for this type of activity.

How to Celebrate National System Administrator Appreciation Day

Have a load of fun and show those system administrators how important they are to the world by celebrating National System Administrator Appreciation Day. Make plans to enjoy the day with some of these ideas:

Show Appreciation to Systems Administrators

In appreciation of their workplace contributions, system administrators are meant to be spoiled rotten on SysAdmin Day, or SAD, as they like to call it. The long-established custom requires that all system administrators be showered with gadgets, that they have first dibs on the office coffee, and that their co-workers do their bidding on this most solemn day.

No sysadmin should lift a finger on National System Administrator Appreciation Day unless it’s for the purpose of pointing to the co-workers where to stick their cables and which buttons they should press. Plus, they deserve a slice of a cake, a scoop of ice cream or even take them out to lunch to celebrate the day!

Learn More About System Administrators

One super way to show appreciation for systems administrators on National System Administrator Appreciation Day might be to learn just a bit more about the important work they do. According to one survey, here are some fun facts about systems administrators:

  • The aspect that most systems administrators enjoy about their work is helping to solve problems.

  • The most popular off duty beverage for sys-admins is beer at 29%, followed by soda at 19% and coffee at 11%.

  • About half the time, system admins use email to communicate, as well as instant messaging, and phone calls.

Get a Fun Gift for a System Administrator

Just a little online search will reveal all sorts of fun opportunities for gifts to get for the systems administrators and IT workers at work or in life in honor of National System Administrator Day. From t-shirts to coffee mugs to water bottles, try getting some of these silly sayings printed on an item as a gift:

  • Error 404: Sorry, motivation was not found.
  • No, I will not fix your computer.
  • KEEP CALM and Blame the Network.
  • Sys Admin: Because even developers need heroes.

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